Students compete in event based of game show

Ali FernandFeatures Editor

Students had the chance to win over $200 in prizes this past Thursday night. Programs Council (ProCon) set up challenges for students to win these prizes in the Farnham Programming Space.  

“This is Minute-to-Win-It, where students are going to do multiple challenges to see who gets the most points and wins the prize,” said Manager of ProCon Izzy Satmary, a senior.  

By participating, students had the chance to win prizes. The competitions that ProCon holds often reward the winners with expensive prizes. All the prizes for this event went to one winner.  

“The prize is AirPods and $100 worth of gift cards,” Satmary said.  

The gift cards included iHop, Outback Steakhouse, Chipotle and Applebee’s. By winning these prizes, students can have a few meals out with friends or on their own. 

Many students are looking for extra money to have somewhere else to eat than Connecticut Hall. There was a lot of hope from students to win these prizes.  

“I’m looking forward to having fun and hopefully, most likely, winning something,” said Business Administration major Zachary McCarthy, a freshman. 

By attending events, McCarthy can do a few things: win prizes, meet new people and have fun. Winning prizes is the most exciting to him, but he would not be there if he was not having a good time.  

McCarthy has attended multiple other ProCon events such as Lake Compounce and Glow in the Dark Mini Golf. These events were held just in the first few weeks of his first semester on campus.  

Freshman students were offered this opportunity to bond with friends and make new connections at school. That is one of the goals that ProCon has for students on campus.  

“The goal is just to get students to come together, play some games and have a good time,” said Senior Nighttime Programmer, Katie Kost. 

 Students can check Owl Connect if they are searching for something to do on campus. That is what students like McCarthy have done. 

The event included a few minigames. Students had multiple chances to gain points for themselves.  

“We have a bowl full of smarties that people will take chopsticks to sort them out,” said Kost. “We have a cup stacking one and a charade one.” 

In total, there were eight rounds that students participated in. It started with cup stacking and ended with the letter game. 

In the cup game, students competed to stack 10 cups in a pyramid and then take it apart in the fastest time. In the pencil flip, students had to balance a pencil on the back of their hand. Then they would flip it and catch it as many times as they could in a minute.  

This event was based on a popular game show previously hosted by Guy Fieri.   

“There used to be a game show like this, and our other committee member had the idea to do it,” Kost said.   

This shows popularity made the gameplay familiar to students. They were able to relate what they knew about the show to the event. 

This is one of the first couple of game show style events that ProCon has held. Their events in the future include Pumpkin Painting and Trail of Terror.  

“I’m looking for sports trips and more fun events like this,” said McCarthy.  

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