The rain can’t stop ProCon

Ali Fernand Features Editor

Programs Council, ProCon, lit up the basketball court for students on Thursday night. Students were able to play a course of minigolf right in the residential area in front of Wilkinson Hall.  

“It’s LED minigolf, so it is glow in the dark,” said ProCon Night committee, Katie Kost, a senior.   

The courses were lined with lights that glowed many assorted colors: red, purple, green and blue. This took place at 8pm, making the lighting stand out in the night.  

Originally, minigolf was supposed to take place in the residential quad. There had been rain earlier in the day that made the quad unsuitable for a golf course. 

“We were supposed to have it on the quad, but the rain made us take other measures,” said ProCon night committee, Ramsley Exantus, a senior.  

ProCon quickly made the decision to hold the event on the basketball court just across the street. These decisions need to be made fast, but it has never stopped ProCon.  

By the time of the event, the rain had stopped. However, the ground was still wet from the rain that took place earlier in the day.  

“We wanted to keep the golf style without dealing with the mud, so we decided the basketball court was the best option,” said Exantus.  

The basketball court offered a hard floor unaffected by the rain.  

“Especially considering the rain, this event is going very well,” said Lincoln Carroll, a sophomore. 

The change of plans didn’t affect students’ ability to have an enjoyable time. Despite the diversion from original plans, the course was still set up in a way for students to participate. 

“It is very well set up, very inspired,” said Zachary Mcarthy, a freshman. “I can see the effort that went in here, I love the lights.”  

Mcarthy attended the event with Carroll. They spent the night chatting and keeping score of the game. They took special notice of the lights on the course.  

Students are most often attending events spontaneously. Social media promotion and location of the event affect the attendance. 

“One of my friends was on Owl Connect and said that I should do this,” said Mcarthy.  

Owl Connect offers students the chance to explore the hundreds of clubs and events on campus. It is a platform for students to find something to do during their free time.  

Students are also able to find events just by stepping outside. As the fall weather approaches, there will only be a few more events to attend outside this semester.  

“We wanted to do an outdoor event before it gets cold,” said Kost. “On average, more people come to outdoor events because they’re walking by.”  

University semesters take place during the fall and spring. This makes it difficult to be able to host outdoor events while students are on campus. 

ProCon tries to take advantage of the early fall semester and late spring semester. They typically hold two outdoor events during this time of the year.  

Even during the cold weather, ProCon puts on multiple events a week. Their committee is consistently contributing ideas to provide fun events for students on campus.  

“One of our other teammates found it on a website and thought it would be a good idea,” said Kost. 

ProCon hosts a variety of events on campus for students to look forward to. Even with a busy schedule, students can keep an eye out for events they can attend.  

Upcoming events include PB&J Thursdays, Commuters and Coffee and other gameshow events that they hold every week.  

“Stay locked into our social media posts,” Exantus said. 

Students can keep up with ProCon on Owl Connect and Instagram, @programscouncil_scsu.  

Students playing mini golf | Luke Molwitz

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