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Student views on parking at the university

Jaylen Carr Sports Editor

While some may believe that there may not be enough parking, there is more parking and ways of transportation to make it to class on time than most may think. 

According to a 15-year SCSU parking attendant, Charles Johnson, there is plenty of parking for students and there should be less complaints about the issue. 

“They have five parking garages. You go to the first floor and there is a shuttle that will take you anywhere,” said Johnson.  

Johnson added that if students are parked in the wrong area, then the police would have to ticket and tow the car.  

According to the SCSU Shuttle Bus Service homepage,  the goal is to be “cooperative safety-oriented transportation service, offered to the SCSU community through the University Police Department.” 

The shuttle bus had designated times and a weekly schedule to help students get to class every day. 

According to the SCSU Shuttle Bus Schedule website, the full campus route purpose is to help be a reliable form of transportation for students. The shuttle buses route provides their services to each stop every 20 minutes.  

Johnson added that there is a designated area for students to get dropped off in the faculty parking lot on Fitch Street.  

Some students have different point of views about the parking on campus. The point of views varies based on status —graduates, full-time and part-time students. 

Samira Zuniga, a graduate student, says she experienced parking differently as an undergraduate.  

“I would say that commuting specifically with parking was interesting in the sense that I would have class all the way in Davis because I’m an elementary major and that’s where most education classes are,” Zuniga said. 

Zuniga added that if the parking garage were filled then the parking attendant would tell her, and she would be forced to park at the Wintergreen Garage.  

“And the shuttles helped with parking. But then also if you are running late then they are not much help if you have to run to class,” said Zuniga.  

Zuniga is now a graduate intern at the Multicultural Center located in the Adanti Student Center which has its own challenges with finding parking spots.  

“What makes me upset is that some graduate interns at the Multicultural Center building have access to parking lot five, but some aren’t,” said Zuniga.  

Zuniga said that she currently doesn’t have access to parking lot five but has been contacting her employer to get access. Some undergraduate students share similar opinions about parking.  

A sophomore nursing major and commuter, Krista Nichols, said she always tries to get to class 30 minutes early to make sure she gets a parking spot. She added that she prefers to park her car at the Wintergreen Garage.  

However, Nichols said that finding parking is never an issue and she believes there is enough parking on campus.  

A junior psychology major, and commuter, Daila Smith, said there should be improvements to help students get to class. Smith said there are never spaces available closer to classrooms. According to Smith, her friends constantly complain about the current parking situation. 

“Wintergreen is very far and so usually, even though it’s a huge parking lot, there is never parking,” said Smith.  

According to the SCSU Commuter Committee website, they want all commuters to get involved and provide feedback on ways to improve the college experience for commuters.  

“The commuter committee meets every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in Room 301 of the Adanti Student Center,” according to the SCSU Commuter Committee website. “We also invite students to attend committee meetings to share input on how the commission can better tend to commuter student issues. 

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