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ProCon kicks off semester with “Name That Tune”

Ali Fernand Features Editor

Students have had many opportunities to get involved on campus these first few weeks back. On Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 8 p.m., Programs Council held an event called “Name That Tune.” This was held in the Farnham Programming Space, which is in the basement of Farnham Hall.  

“We play snippets of songs and people will have to guess what the name of the song is,” said Katie Kost, a senior nighttime programmer at ProCon. 

Each student independently guessed the artist and title of the songs. It was an intense competition, as there were over 20 students competing to win. 

Despite the tense competition, this event was an opportunity to chat and socialize. It was a chance for students to meet new people to start off the new semester.  

“We plan events and socialize with other groups at Southern,” said Ramsley Exantus, a nighttime programmer at ProCon. 

There was pizza, chips and refreshments offered to students participating. Though the game was the main attraction, the pizza was a highlight for many students attending.  

For those who did the best in this competition, there were grand prizes offered. ProCon is known to offer grand prizes at their events. This has made their events very appealing to students looking to enhance their college life. 

“They have a chance to win a 43-inch screen TV, some AirPods, and other cool prizes,” said Exantus.   

Participating in these events is very beneficial to students on campus. Not only does it allow students to feel connected on campus, but they can also win prizes just by being involved. Students can often get free food, prizes and gift cards just by exploring the different events that Southern has to offer.  

There were a variety of songs played by artists that Southern students love. This included Post Malone, Olivia Rodrigo, and even the Victorious cast. It was a mix of both throwback hits and popular songs today.  

ProCon makes their events appealing to the interests of Southern students. Especially with an event like this, ProCon must be in tune with songs students would like to hear.  

“We started brainstorming things that would be fun for the student body that we haven’t really done in the past,” said Daphne Ciarcia, a member of the nighttime committee for ProCon. 

ProCon notably has taken the lead in terms of on- campus events. They put on a variety of events year-round. These events are not exclusive to any type of student. They have programs for residents, commuters, and people looking to get a bite to eat on campus. ProCon clearly puts a lot of planning and creativity into their events.  

“They’re good with their events, every single one I go to,” said Kyla Holman, a junior at Southern.  

Holman is not alone in that feeling. ProCon has multiple events every week that students look forward to. Both during and after a long day of classes, these fun events are a great way for students to relax.  

Since ProCon is student ran, it would make sense that their events are appealing. They’re able to plan events knowing what they would be interested in as students.   

“ProCon slaps with the events,” said Holman. “I like everything ProCon does, especially the carnival in the spring.” 

Holman is a huge fan of ProCon. She was there with a group of friends. They all had a ton of enthusiasm, especially about the pizza.  

Lots of students on Southern’s campus feel this enthusiasm for ProCon. They make the campus spirit that Southern students really love. The events offered nearly every day really matter to students. Having a campus that is fun is important to the daily life of being a college student.  

Students can find future ProCon events on Owl Connect. This includes PB&J Thursdays, Trivia, and Commuters and Coffee.  

“I hope that people who come to our programs have a good experience, meet new friends, and be a part of the Owl community,” said Exantus.  

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