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Last Licks – last opinion column

Morgan DouglasSports Editor

This is probably going to be my last chance to spout off sports opinions in this newspaper for a while, so I want to make the most of it. 

I thought of going about this a couple of different ways. 

Maybe I would make a list of the top sports moments I witnessed on campus, or maybe a list of my favorite athletes to interview on campus. 

I am not going to go down that road, but I am in a reflective mood and doing some looking back. 

I want to thank Professor Cindy Simoneau for the opportunity to hold this position of sports editor for this past school year. 

It was the first time in my scholastic life that I got involved with a school club or extracurricular activity, and I am sure glad I did. 

I gained a lot of necessary experience covering and writing about sports on campus, a lot of valuable interview practice and experiences with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop which would have been hard to come by elsewhere. 

But enough of all this other fluff, let’s talk about the NFL Draft. 

I’m kidding. 

I know I am the only one of us who cares about where Bo Melton wound up or why he fell to day three. 

Salute to New Haven native Travis Jones for being selected by the Baltimore Ravens. 

The Ravens are among the most well-run organizations in the sport, and for them to invest a third-round pick in the UConn product says a lot about what they think Jones’ potential could be at the next level. 

Even though I am done covering them officially, I remain intrigued to see how the seasons will turn out for the Owls’ baseball and softball teams, respectively. 

Softball clinched an NE10 tournament berth after an up and down season, and baseball has been really good. 

As of this writing, they are 29-10 and in the midst of a three-game winning streak. 

You can follow what happens with them at, they do great work. 

Doing this job would have been worlds harder were it not for those in the athletic department, specifically, athletic communications, so a big thank you to Associate Director of Athletics/Athletic Communications Ken Sweeten, as well as his assistants Colleen Murphy and Michael Riccio. 

Working with you was always a pleasure and never a chore, although I am sure I was a chore at times. 

Holding this position reinforced my love of sports, and for it, I am grateful. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me get to this point and go Owls! 

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