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Last band concert of the academic year held on campus

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

Musical pieces were played in Engleman Hall last week for students by the university’s own band. 

The university’s music department held a band concert on Thursday, April 28 for the last time of the semester. 

According to @scsumusicdept on Instagram, “The SCSU University Band, under the direction of Dr. Craig Hlavac, performs classic and new pieces from the wind band repertoire. 

Psychology major Alexandria DePaul, a junior, said she attended the concert to support her friend playing in it. 

“I didn’t even know Southern had a band until this semester,” DePaul said. “It was a great show though.” 

The band played songs such as the Ukrainian National Anthem, “Star-Spangled Banner,” “Variants on a Mediaeval Tune,” “Blue Tango,” “Cheerio” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” 

Nursing major Makaila Vasquez-Steele, a junior, said she took the band music class for one of the tiers on the university’s degree evaluation but had to take it three times to get the credits. 

“I have been playing since my freshman year, 2019, but due to the pandemic we didn’t have a concert second semester or at all my sophomore year,” Vasquez-Steele said. “But my junior year we had concerts both semesters.” 

Vasquez-Steele said It is relaxing for her to focus on the music and not other stressors.  

“I thought once I graduated high school I wasn’t going to play again, so it was good to be able to continue,” Vasquez-Steele said. “I enjoy performing and bringing the audience joy, especially after the pandemic. We have students, faculty, alumni and people from the public that play in the band.” 

Vasquez-Steele plays alto saxophone for the band, but there was a different variety of instruments being played to bring the music together. 

“The band has been rehearsing for the concert since the beginning of the semester. We would meet once a week and rehearse on Thursdays from 6:15 -8:45  and of course, practice on our own time outside of our rehearsals,” sociology major, Gianna Rubino, a freshman, said.  

Rubino played the flute, but said she also loved when she got the chance to sing and whistle during the concert, which happened during the song “Cheerio.” 

“My favorite part about being in the band is being involved with other amazing musicians who share similar interests and who have a bond with each other. I’m so happy that we were able to come together to prepare for and put on an amazing show while having a great time,” Rubino said. “People can get involved with the band in different ways. Some students register for the class, MUS 105, while others who want to be involved can volunteer. There are many people involved, from students to faculty, and other members of the community.” 

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