Goodbye to the hardships and my Southern News family

Sofia Rositani Editor-in-Chief

I have been working for the Southern News since I was a freshman at this university. I am now a senior and I have to sadly say goodbye to the publication that I have worked on for three years.  

I have learned a lot working here and I am not going to lie, it has been a tiring process. I went from a general assignment reporter to Arts & Entertainment editor and finally to Editor-in-chief. I am proud of what I have accomplished and while I look forward to my future, I am also mourning the fact that I am no longer going to be working in the newsroom every Monday.  

“I worked all night, every day while you were out clubbing,” sang BTS in their song “N.O.” 

It has been a long but also short three years since I got to this university, and I am very excited for my life once I am out of this university.  

While I am not graduating with a degree in Journalism, I will still use everything I learned for my future.  

After next semester I will hopefully be getting my master’s in library science and hopefully work in a library one day as a librarian. I always loved being in libraries so being able to work in one is the dream.  

While I love journalism, I lost my love for it along the way and I feel like it is not something I would want to focus on, but who knows maybe one day you may see my name on an article.  

I will miss having the Southern News family I have made with the other staff members. We all have had a rough two semesters and because of it we have grown closer and have worked together to give the university a newspaper that we would get criticized for each week.  

“In the middle of the road, in the moment you want to give up, 
Shout out even louder: So what?” sang BTS in their song “So What.”  

We have gone above and beyond what we were supposed to do for the Southern News and the fact that students and faculty have been giving us a hard time is beyond me. We are a small newspaper with only seven staff members, we have all done our part and we have all worked hard to get a paper out each week for students and faculty to read.  

I am the Editor-in-Chief and yet I have done the jobs of a Managing Editor, News Editor and reporter. The countless breakdowns and emergency visits to the counseling center all for a newspaper and a university that does not even care about the wellbeing of its students.  

I am ready for the next chapter of my life because at least I will be getting sleep. While I am grateful for everything, I have accomplished I am worried for the next generation of students who are taking over the newspaper, something I have given three years of my life to. I have not met or been able to mentor the new staff coming in. I hope they do well, and I wish them luck for the upcoming semesters.  

I also want to thank the wonderful staff who have been supportive and have done more than they should to get to where we are now, I am entirely grateful for them.  

“Follow your dream like breaker. Even if it breaks down, don’t ever run backwards, never. Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest,” sang BTS in their song “Tomorrow.” 

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