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Sean Paul comes to New Haven for show

Sarah Shelton Features Editor

One hundred $10 tickets for Sean Paul tickets went live on April 13. from the Office of Student Involvement for students to get a chance to snag one. 

Once the students paid the $10, they had to head to their office to pick up the ticket for the concert on Sat. April 23 in New Haven at the College Street Music Hall. 

“We did work directly with College Street Music Hall,” Assistant Director of Student Involvement Eric Lacharity said. “According to the website, tickets are still available, so we lucked out in finding a show that has appeal for our students, but also enough tickets available for us to send 100 people.” 

As of April 21, Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, only had $68 resale tickets and the College Street Music Hall website had $35, $48 and $65 tickets depending on if they picked general admission or balcony. 

“The idea came from wanting to provide a concert experience for students despite not having one on campus this spring. The stars aligned and we found out about this show and jumped at the opportunity,” Lacharity said. 

Lachartiy said out of the 100 students who got tickets, about 40 to 45 students used the shuttle services they provided, while the rest found their own way there. 

The bus arrived around 7:14 p.m. in front of Hickerson Hall to pick up the attending students and drove straight to College Street Music Hall. 

Simon Mcintyre from the Multicultural Center was the advisor of the trip. While students filled up the bus, he made sure everyone wrote down their phone number and signed the assumption of risk form. He then created a group chat to make sure he was reachable throughout the concert. 

Psychology major Carol Fragoso, a senior, said this was her first concert ever. 

“So, I’m Hispanic and I was ill for most of my life so my mom was very overprotective of me, so she never really let me go out, like to parties or anything,” Fragoso said. “I’m turning 22 in May, so she can’t really do anything now, but I know I’ll have fun.” 

Before the concert, Fragoso said she only knew one song by Sean Paul, “Temperature,” but after the concert, she said she recognized a lot more songs than she thought. So did Nursing major Paula Frankowski, a freshman. 

Frankowski said she went to the concert to get out of her dorm and felt like it was a great opportunity. Fragoso agreed calling the ticket price “a deal.” 

“I thought it was great,” Frankowski said. “My favorite songs were Cheap Thrills and Rockabye Baby. I feel like everyone got really excited [during those songs.]” 

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