Streakin’ it! Opinion column

Morgan DouglasSports Editor

When it comes to covering games on campus, I am on a hot streak. 

That’s right folks. 

I have not seen an Owl’s team lose in over two months. 

And this takes into account several sports, including swimming and diving, gymnastics, women’s basketball, softball, baseball and lacrosse. 

If only men’s basketball had not lost that game to Pace back in mid-February, or this streak would really be something. 

Does this make me a good luck charm? 

Why of course it does. I am the equivalent of a horseshoe stuck up the rump of Otis the Owl himself. 

All jokes aside, I have not been a superstitious sports fan in many years. 

I do not have an ego big enough to believe that the things I say or do while watching a game have any direct impact on what happens in a game. 

Some do believe it though. 

My dad hates watching Red Sox games in the kitchen, particularly at night.  

He thinks he has a direct bearing over whether or not his favorite team will play well or poorly based on his geographical location within his own dwelling. 

I find it funny. 

My friends do this too, except with them, it is a matter of jinxes and anti-jinxes. 

Kike Hernandez broke out of a slump just moments after being called out by a buddy of mine in our group message. 

A day or two later, the same thing happened with Shohei Ohtani, he caught fire after a friend of mine in the group message complained about his lack of production.  

As far as this win streak on campus goes, there has been no rhyme or reason for it. 

It’s not like I’ve been wearing the same outfit or a lucky hat to these events, I just go to the home games I can make it to and hope for the best, because believe me, interviewing athletes and coaches after a win versus after a loss makes a world of difference. 

Had I attended lacrosse this past Friday instead of softball though, the results would not have been reversed. I just got lucky in picking the right game to attend. 

For the Owls’ sake, I hope this streak of good fortune continues, but more likely than not, I have jinxed myself and the Owls here by acknowledging this streak for the first time. 

I should take advantage of this lucky streak while it lasts, though. 

Quick, someone get me up to Fenway Park for the Sox game, and if you can swing it, get me to the Chicago Bulls game, they clearly need my good juju. 

Better yet, take me to a casino while you’re at it. 

Let it ride.  

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