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Music Review: Camila Cabello comes back with Familia

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

“Romance” was an album I thought Camila Cabello could never top, but with her new album release, it is safe to say she did just that. 

I have been a fan of Cabello since she was a teenager in the group Fifth Harmony. While my favorite member may have been Lauren Jauregui, I always knew Camila had that star power. 

After Cabello left the group, she had a few singles come out such as “Crying in the Club,” but then she came out with her album, “Camila,” which had some really good songs, mostly known for the song “Havana.” 

I even got to see her in concert and meet her during the “Camila” tour. However, in my opinion, this album was not even half as good as her next album, “Romance.” 

With a big hit, “My Oh My,” and her very overplayed song with Shawn Mendes, “Senorita,” “Romance” had many great songs. My favorites are “Bad Kind of Butterflies,” “Shameless” and “Cry for me.” 

“Familia” starts with a 17-second clip of music, also titled “Familia,” to set the vibe of the album. I always think it is cool when artists do this. I have seen Madison Beer and Billie Eilish both do this, typically in between songs like it was a concert. 

Then goes into her song “Celia,” which is entirely in Spanish. I have noticed many “English-speaking” singers with Mexican and Cuban roots doing this recently, such as Lauren Jauregui and Selena Gomez. I think it is great that they explore their musical roots, even if their typical music is in English, which is why I also greatly respect K-pop artists. 

The next song on the album is her single, “psychofreak” with Willow Smith, also known as WILLOW. 

I really like this song, it feels different than anything Cabello has ever done, yet it gives off the vibes of one of her first solo singles “OMG.” 

I saw a thread on Twitter by @karxlo explaining how “psychofreak” is the “perfect allegory to anxiety.” 

The user said “psychofreak” could be a term used to place herself in the story, as a person who is incapable of controlling her own emotions.  

“Camila also reportedly portrays herself as a misfit. Willow also does this in the pre-chorus,” the user wrote. 

I also really love the lyric in this song, which she has seemed to confirm is about Fifth Harmony. The lyric says, “everybody says they miss the old me. I’ve been on this ride since I was fifteen. I don’t blame the girls for how it went down.” 

“Psychofreak” is definitely in my top three of this album. 

After “psychofreak,” comes her other single with Ed Sheeran titled “Bam Bam.” 

As someone who is also recently out of a relationship, Cabello and Shawn Mendes also recently breaking up, I felt this song in my heart.  

At first, it was not a hit for me, because I was still in a relationship when it came out, but as a lover of lyrics, I do like it now. 

According to, “coming months after her breakup with Shawn Mendes, “Bam Bam” is Camila Cabello’s anthem about moving on and accepting inevitability in losing a partner. Things change, and one can’t dwell on that for too long. The track was inspired by a saying of her mother, “Así e’ la Vida” (English: “That’s how life is”). This saying is referenced in the chorus.” 

Track five, “La Buena Vida” has very fun backtracks, with somewhat upsetting lyrics. I cannot figure out what this song reminds me of, but I really like it. This is also in my top three favorites of this album.  

For the next song, “Quiet,” I really like Cabello’s vocals in this. It also really makes me miss the feeling of love.  

The next songs are “Boys Dont Cry,”  “Hasta Los Dientes (Ft. Maria Becerra)” and “No Doubt.” Also all great songs, especially “No Doubt,” being in my top three. But I do love the message behind “Boys Dont Cry.” 

Track 10 is another older single, released in 2021, called “Don’t Go Yet” which is a song I immediately loved. The song is one of those songs that can put you in a good mood. The music video is also very colorful and fun. 

The last two songs on the album are “Lola” and “everyone at this party.” 

Many dreamers, women, and immigrants on Twitter shared their stories on Twitter because of this song.  

“It’s so sad because it’s the reality many women are living,” @MusicALexiss wrote on Twitter. 

Another user, ruru wrote, “Camila Cabello’s song “Lola” deserves much more appreciation and recognition. It sheds light on social oppression & speaks to all the dreamers and immigrants from all over the world just reminding them that they belong. It’s one of her best songs lyrically, please stream Familia.” 

Lastly, as someone who is recently single with an ex who goes to many parties, I currently cannot listen to “everyone at this party” without wanting to cry. But again, as someone who loves lyrics, I absolutely love when celebrities turn their pain into art and we fans can relate to it. 

“Hey, did you realize you don’t need me? Everyone at this party isn’t you,” Cabello sings. “Everyone at this party isn’t you. You’re the only one I wanna run into. But I never do.” 

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