Music can help students with mental health

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief

These past two semesters have been very hard for me. Mold in my dorm, moving multiple times, constant attacks of depressive thoughts and anxiety attacks. One thing that has helped me, other than therapy, is music, well mainly BTS.  

When people say this person has saved my life or this person has done this to help my life better some people think it is stupid or not possible, but I learned it is.  

“Never mind” by AgustD “So Far Away” by AgustD. These are two songs that have helped me in so many ways. These songs may seem depressing but in reality, they helped me overcome my obstacles by trying to find what I actually want in life, what will make me happy and successful. And while I will never make it the way he did, I am happy to be a nobody in a library somewhere once I’m out of this university.  

Other ways BTS has helped me during the years I have been listening to them is by teaching me to love myself. Literally their three albums were titled “Love Yourself.” I have a lot of issues with my body and face. I have acne at 21 years old, I have issues with my weight due to the birth control I was on to stop the acne and now I’m kind of stuck in a limbo of weight, acne, and mental health issues. But BTS really taught me how to love all my scars and my spots and even the stretch marks I have to constantly see.  

If you are ever feeling self-conscious, I highly recommend these songs by BTS from the “Love Yourself” albums.  

“Dimple” by BTS is such a great song if you ever feel like you are not pretty enough or have dimples that make you feel self-conscious. I personally love my dimples and this song fueled my love for them more.  

“I’m Fine” by BTS is sort of my anthem to get me through the day. It is sort of a sequel to the song “Save Me” but this one is about how even if you do not have that person to get you through the day you will be fine because  

“I am my own salvation,” RM rapped in the song “I’m Fine.” 

“Magic Shop” by BTS is a song that helps the worries was away in a catchy beat. The song is beautiful, and we hear about how even though you do not love yourself now you should create your own door and open the magic shop and there you will be alright.  

“On days where I hate myself for being me. On days where I want to disappear forever. Let’s make a door, it’s in your heart. Open the door and this place will await, Magic Shop,” Jeon Jungkook and Kim Seokjin sang in “Magic Shop.”  

Finally, my favorite song off the “Love Yourself: Tear” album, “So What.” This song is supposed to help your problems go away if you listen to it and you feel “young, wild, and free” according to BTS. This song is very powerful because it has a happy tune but once you read the lyrics you realize how they are trying to say that even though you are going through this issue now it will get better, and you can change it.  

“There’s nothing that works out as I wanted. There’s even fewer places for me to hide. It’s already been a while since the dice were rolled. If you dawdle, you’ll be swept away, oh bae 90% of your worries are an imaginary swamp that you created Just go instead of worrying. Don’t get scared, cheer up. Shout it out, so what, what,” Suga rapped in “So What.”  

These are songs that have helped me they are not for everyone, but these keep me pushing when I feel like I cannot anymore. These songs are probably the reason I am still here at this university. When it becomes too much, I put my earphones in and listen to these songs to help me get through the day. I hope they can help you too.  

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