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Morgan DouglasSports Editor

This was a pretty slow sports week. 

It could be fun to write about the guy who played Venus and Serena Williams’ father in a movie which I have not seen because it is at least sports adjacent, but I may be stretching it. 

Will Smith. Congratulations. You got me to put on the Oscars.  

I was unaware you still made movies, but I hope you enjoyed your evening. I still do not want to see King Richard. It was not an accurate portrayal from what I gather. 

Chris Rock can take a hit from the guy who played Muhammad Ali, I did not have that on my bingo card for the Oscars, nor 2022. 

Maybe Rock can be on the undercard of the next Jake Paul fight, being a comedian in 2022 is becoming a harder and harder occupation. 

Too much award show talk, like I said, slow week in sports. 

The second weekend of March Madness is never nearly as exciting nor captivating as the first, and is often more heartbreaking, so I cannot really go off on that. 

Go Tar Heels, I guess, because nobody in my pool had them and it gives me an outside chance of finishing in first. 

Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins must be the big NFL news of the past week, but after devoting so much time to Deshaun Watson in last week’s column, it would be unwise for me to re-litigate all the baggage that comes with the deal, but I can give you some analysis of just what the move means for both teams. 

The $500 million contract of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is set to kick in soon, and there was no way the Chiefs would be able to afford all their big stars, so they got the most they could possibly get, out of the one who was most expendable. 

Tyreek Hill’s speed is one of one, I grant you, but five draft picks in exchange for a former fifth-round pick is getting maximum return on an investment. 

With each coming draft class, there seems to be a new crop of young stud receivers, and the Chiefs are taking the gamble that they can find one of them. 

For the Dolphins, this is them telling quarterback Tua Tagovailoa it’s his last chance with them. If he cannot succeed with Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki and a Mike McDaniel designed rushing attack, then the Owls will cut Bait and owner Stephen Ross will try to lure fellow Michigan alum Tom Brady down to Miami with a stake in ownership of the team for after Brady retires. If he ever does, that is. 

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