New Haven sweet tooth event held in FPS

Sarah Shelton Features Editor

The sweets of New Haven were brought to Farnham Programming Space, FPS, for a night of desserts with Programs Council. 

Tuesday, March 22 Programs Council, known as ProCon, held a sweet tooth event called, “Taste of New Haven: Dessert Addition,” which is a spin-off of an event they had last semester of food from local New Haven restaurants. 

“Basically it’s just we have a bunch of desserts from around New Haven that we just give out to students,” senior nighttime programmer Katie Kost said. 

There was a wide variety of desserts for students to take all laid out on a table by the front entrance. All students had to do was swipe in to the event with their Hoot Loot cards, and take their picks of snacks. 

“We have T-Swirl Crepes from downtown New Haven, we have Sugar Bakery cupcakes, Insomnia Cookies, and we have a ton of crazy doughnuts from Donut Crazy and then we have some chocolate covered fruit from Edible Arrangements,” Kost said. 

Sugar Bakery is the one place that is not from New Haven, as they are located in East Haven. Kost said this is because they wanted to do something different.  

“We just wanted to pick different things,” Kost said. “We have some things that we’ve done before, but just things that we knew students would like.” 

ProCon typically has a lot of events that cater Insomnia Cookies as it is very popular among students and in the area. 

Earth science major Kenzie Frawley, a freshman, said her favorite place to get desserts in New Haven is Insomnia. 

“I’m very basic when it comes to desserts,” Frawley said. “I like their sugar cookies.” 

Math major Derrick Arnold, a sophomore, also agrees that Insomnia Cookies is the best place to go in New Haven for a snack, he also occasionally goes to MilkCraft,  but he was able to try new things at this event. 

“I got everything,” Arnold said. “I got a crepe, I got a Boston creme donut, I got an oreo cupcake, I am very excited for that, and I got a chocolate chip cookie.” 

Arnold said he would definitely go to more events like this because he enjoyed the food.  Environmental studies major Shyhiem Jones, a sophomore, said he would also go to more events like this. 

Jones said he gets involved with Resident Hall Association in West Campus, where he dorms, and enjoys when they do events involving snacks. It is an incentive to get students to come and join the meeting. 

Jones heard about this event from a friend, but he said he also loves meeting new people at events. He was not too hungry, but after eating a cupcake, he also went to get a donut because there was so many desserts left towards the end of the event. 

“I got a lemon cupcake and a donut and I loved them,” Jones said. 

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