A tale of ice and fire

Mary Katherine BelliCopy Editor

Mondays are well known for being the roughest day of the week, however this Monday might be worse than just needing a cup of coffee to jog you awake.  

This weekend, there was quite a bit of light rain. Then going into Sunday evening, we got flurries and temperatures dropped quickly – a recipe for disaster. All that moisture froze overnight, and left cars and roads coated with a layer of black ice. Most people didn’t expect this sudden cold, with most people not even salting their sidewalks, driveways, and roads.  

I myself ended up running late, as I needed to scrape ice off my windshield, and it was layered on thick. Then when I got to campus, the sidewalks weren’t salted either, so I ended up slipping several times on my way to main campus. It wasn’t a fun way to start my day. 

Not only was the inclement weather a struggle for students and staff, but just at the start of the school day the emergency alarms in the Adanti Student Center began to blare. Everyone had to evacuate, and two New Haven Fire Department trucks arrived on the scene. A New Haven Police vehicle also arrived, and I witnessed an officer enter the building as well as several firemen.  

Luckily, the fire seemed to be minimal, as the firemen and officer exited promptly with no hoses needed. Everyone was soon allowed back into the building. The building smelled of burnt food, so it is likely that the situation occurred in the dining area. No one was harmed, and there is no apparent damage to the building.  

Mondays are rough, but let’s hope next week is a little less hectic than this morning.  

Firefighters walking into the Adanti Student Center. | Mary Kate Belli

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