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K9 police dogs on campus make my day better

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

One thing that really makes my day better at this university is seeing our two university police officers Brody and Jules on Instagram. 

Having two dogs a part of the campus family really brings us together as a community. I remember talking to Sargeant Cyntia Torres, Jules’ caretaker, and she said how many students will come up to her when she’s with the dog to say hi rather when she is alone. 

Walking up to say hello to a police officer is intimidating, but as someone who misses their dog from home, Brody and Jules make it a little easier to do. 

I met Brody for the first time just last semester and he was already very used to the students, but he did give my friend a big kiss in exchange for a belly rub.  I met Jules when he was pretty new here, but you can just tell he already views the station as his second home. 

Jules is an American’s with Disabilities Act, ADA, trained service dog, who helps with emotional support, from the program “Puppies Behind Bars,” and his purpose is to make everyone comforted and I am glad we, and the university cops, have that resource.  

I see some pictures of Brody, but Jules is always out doing amazing things with his other K9 dog friends and I love to see it. I see him playing with them, sitting at a booth in what looks like a restaurant, with them and the other dogs even came to his swearing in ceremony. 

Even seeing Jules run in the snow makes me happy that not only is he comfortable at school, but is also having fun and being a regular dog at home with Srgt. Torres.  

Officer K9 Jules recently had a swearing-in ceremony, as any cop would, and I think it is great that they did that. He even got to sign with his paw print. 

One thing I absolutely loved is that in his oath of office that he signed, they included “I will hold my instincts in check and do my best to never chase Otis,” and he in fact did not chase him.  

An Instagram picture was posted to show he has been honoring his oath already, by not chasing Otus. I have also only heard positive feedback from other students. 

On Feb. 3, @k9jules_scsupd posted a picture of the university police sitting at a table and both Brody and Juels were present. I would love to see more pictures of them together.  

Jules getting sworn in from @southernscsu on Instagram on an iPhone| Sarah Shelton

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