Men’s hoops season ends

Morgan DouglasSports Editor

Men’s basketball season came to an end this past week with a loss in the first round of the NE10 Conference tournament. 

Prior to the tournament, the Owls had a senior night at James Moore Fieldhouse. Unfortunately, the evening was spoiled due to a leak in the roof, which not only caused the cancellation of the men’s game but ended the women’s game which had been taking place prematurely. 

“You feel bad that it ended like this, because you want the families to see them play one more time at home,” head coach Scott Burrell said, “There’s going to be more energy because it’s the last home game, you want to see those guys go out with a win.” 

Guards C.J. Seaforth and Isaiah Boissard were the two seniors to be honored as part of the festivities, and while they were not able to play a ball game last Tuesday, the ceremonies were still held and the families and loved one’s of the players were able to take the court and pose for pictures. 

“Seeing all my friends and family here supporting me on my last day of college basketball, it’s big man,” Seaforth said, “It means the world to me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” 

Seaforth has had a memorable college career represented by over 1,000 career points scored, a milestone he reached during a play he’ll always remember on Feb. 19, 2022, during a loss to the College of Saint Rose Golden Knights. 

“I wasn’t even thinking about it at first,” Seaforth said. “I had went back door, Alex Lin hit me with a good backdoor pass. I laid it up and just started smiling after that. Came to the bench, everybody congratulated me, so it was a good opportunity.” 

This is the point in the season where coaches and players can be a bit more reflective on what they have accomplished as Coach Burrell spoke to his experience coaching Seaforth. 

“It’s been a great college career,” Coach Burrell said, “He had a fun time. He’s getting his degree, that’s the most important thing. He had a great career and who knows what the future holds for him.” 

Much the same can be said of Boissard, who was treating senior night like business as usual. 

“I was just treating it as a regular game,” Boissard said, “I try not to get too high or too low on game day, just try to stay even keel.” 

However, as locked in as he was, Boissard still appreciated the recognition and moment shared with his loved ones. 

“It was good to get acknowledged and have them come on the court,” Boissard said, “I haven’t had something like this since high school.” 

Senior night was not the highlight of Boissard’s college career though. That moment came in a previous season. 

“The highlight was probably the 2019-20 season against Assumption when we hit a game-winning tip-in, and everyone rushed the court,” Boissard said, “It was a big win for us. I had a pretty big game that game too, so it was nice.” 

Boissard tallied 21 points in that victory, but unfortunately for the Owls, neither Boissard nor Seaforth were able to muster enough fire power to bail them out in the tournament. 

The Owls lost to the St. Anselm College Hawks this past Saturday 84-65 in the first round of the NE10 Conference tournament, ending their season with a final record of 7-18. 

Though the season did not end as planned, for players like Seaforth and Boissard, the memories created playing college basketball at a high level will remain cherished. 

“Basketball can take you so far,” Seaforth said, “It was an exciting experience for me. I learned a lot. I’m just thankful for everything.” 

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