Paranormal activity seen on campus

Sofia Rositani – Editor-in-Chief

The university is known for many things, being haunted is not one of them. According to some students, they would say the opposite.  

“Farnham is the current oldest residence hall,” director of residence life, Rob DeMezzo said.  

According to DeMezzo, “Seabury Hall” was the first dormitory on campus. The dormitory was near the current School of Business which was the destination of the prior Adanti Student Center. Seabury Hall has been demolished. Farnham Hall was built around 1964, making it the oldest dormitory on campus. Following Farnham Hall is Wilkinson, Chase, Hickerson and Neff Hall.  

In 1969, Schwartz Hall was an apartment purchased by the university, around 1993 it was renovated. Brownell Hall was built in the early 1980’s. North Campus mid-rise, a former apartment building, was purchased around 1991. West campus is the newest building completed in 2004.  

North campus resident English education major, Tayler Cowles, a senior, explained how she has been seeing and feeling odd energy in the dorm since she moved in.  

“In my room at 3 a.m. I woke up to my bathroom light on, but I live in a room alone so no one but me uses the bathroom. I felt a primal fear at that moment. Usually, I’m pretty skeptical but that made me believe real fast,” Cowles said. 

Prior to that encounter Cowles had nightmares in the dormitory since she moved in.  

“In the beginning of the year I had a weird dream that someone was dying in my room. When I looked it up, there was a death in the building a few years back,” Cowles said.  

Neff resident, a studio art major Alaina Pierce, a sophomore, believes in the paranormal and has felt an ominous presence on campus.  

“I can’t exactly pinpoint paranormal activity on campus. But sometimes I do get the feeling I’m not alone. In the dorms in the middle of the night I hear this loud knocking on my dorm,” Pierce said.  

While she believes and has felt a presence on campus computer science major, Miles Meade, a junior, does not believe in the paranormal. His friends have told him they have witnessed paranormal activity. 

“I don’t believe in it at all, but horror movies are still fun to watch,” Meade said.  

Like Cowles, Pierce has had nightmares while on campus.  

“I have these weird dreams but when I wake up, I can’t remember them. I wake up and my hearts racing, and I shoot up and I feel uncomfortable. Or they’re just really weird and you’re like why would I even dream of that,” Pierce said.  

She does constantly feel like someone, or something, is watching her which makes her paranoid. 

“I think that West Campus is definitely the most haunted,” Pierce said.  

Paranormal activity has become a more popular topic among the younger generation with horror films being discussed among peers.  

“Much more disturbingly, students have recounted experiences of being followed by a dark apparition. One student in particular told me that when the apparition caught up with him while he was walking, he became immobilized for a brief period of time, such that he was unable to avoid the encounter. The spirit had literally moved through him and held him in place,” according to Haunted New Haven.  

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