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Former Disney actresses release music

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

Two songs came out over the last two weeks that I have been anticipating for so long and I feel I must talk about. 

Dove Cameron, singer, actress, and more, recently came out with her song “Boyfriend,” which before the release was blowing up on the social media app Tik Tok. 

Cameron is mainly known for her Disney show “Liv and Maddie,” which I honestly did not watch unless it was just on TV during a sick day in high school, and her Disney movies, such as “Descendents.” She has also been on Broadway and was in “Hairspray Live!” with Ariana Grande. 

I have been following Cameron on Instagram for a few years now and I like her songs, but “Boyfriend” is an entirely new level. 

Cameron started sharing snippets of unreleased songs on Tik Tok back in January, and many people took a liking to her song “Boyfriend,” which featured the lyrics, “I could be a better boyfriend than him,” and the sound was used for over 156.6K videos on the app before its release. After the release, it became the number one trending song on Tik Tok. 

She left a comment on the original video, “remember when you asked me to write a sapphic anthem.” 

Many people from the LGBTQIA+ community took a liking to this song. Cameron is a smaller artist, mainly known for acting, who has identified as Bisexual and was on the cover of “Gay Times.” A lot of comments point out how the song empowers women and the LGBTQIA+ Community. 

A few days before the release, Cameron added some newer backing vocals and a lyric “ladies first, I insist,” and she tweeted about how happy she was the fans enjoyed the snippet. 

When the song came out, I was very happy with it, I did not expect the beginning to sound the way it did.  

The lyrics were a little repetitive, but as someone who loves pop music, that is pretty normal nowadays. The bass line and beat were also great. 

Once the bridge of the song hit, her vocals were so amazing. Right after the bridge, she has the chorus with different/quieter background instruments and snapping with a different vocal tone; this is honestly the best part of the song. 

About three days after the release, Dove Cameron posted: “was just told that boyfriend has been added to today’s top hits & we are about to hit 9m streams this morning after less than 4 days…only in my wildest did I think a song I wrote could have a life like this in the outside world. gonna have to cry about it.” 

I love that Dove is making her way into music, instead of only being an actress. 

Another actress who is a singer who also came out with a new song is Sabrina Carpenter. 

About five months ago, Carpenter released a song called “Skinny Dipping,” and at the end of a music video, you see a different version of herself ride up to the camera on a motorcycle. This is where the new song starts. 

“Fast Times,” the music video already had 11K people watching four minutes after the video premiered at midnight.  

From the snippets I heard, I thought I was going to like “Fast Times” more than “Skinny Dipping.” I was right. 

The music video started as if it was an action movie, already a lot bolder and cooler than “Skinny Dipping.” 

Carpenter has a great voice and tone. In my opinion, she is a very underrated pop artist.  

This song is definitely a new era for her, she is very known for her Disney show, “Girl Meets World,” and she has had more grown-up songs since then, but this just sounds very different.  

I liked the music for the bridge. This is a very catchy and repetitive song, I do not know what other lyrics she could have added at that part. 

I honestly like her other songs more, such as “Paris,” “Feels Like Loneliness,”  “Alien” and “Diamonds are Forever,” but this is up there on the list of her best songs. 

It is also her best video yet, in my opinion. She had great choreography, cool backgrounds, and awesome visuals. 

I actually saw Sabrina in concert, and met her, back in 2017, and if she keeps releasing music like “Fast Times,” I will be very interested in seeing her live again. 

Both of these actresses are making a big impact in the music industry and I love to see it. 

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