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Music Review: New Coldplay music video

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

Music video premieres on YouTube are honestly one of the best parts of the website. 

About 10 minutes before the music video for Coldplay’s song “Let somebody go” featuring Selena Gomez dropped, they played the instrumental music with pictures from behind the scenes of the music video with a countdown for the video to start. 

Growing up, Selena Gomez was my role model. She was my first concert and her movies and music always made my days better in the harsh world of middle school.  

Even though this is Coldplay’s song, it feels like Gomez’s voice was made for this song. 

Gomez has a deeper strong, angelic voice, rather than what a lot of people think is needed to be a famous singer, such as Ariana Grande’s high notes. Slow strong songs like this are really what Gomez is meant to do. 

When this song first came out, I honestly did not listen to it. It is not my type of beat, but when I saw the music video was in black and white, I weirdly just had to watch it. 

On twitter, many fans pointed out how some of Gomez’s best songs have black and white music videos, such as “Kill ‘em with Kindness,” “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and “Lose You to Love Me.” 

My two favorite Selena Gomez songs are “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and “Lose You to Love Me,” so I decided to give it a shot. I also love Gomez’s ballads, such as her song “Perfect.” This song is somewhat of a ballad. 

I grew up on popular Coldplay songs, like “Paradise” and “Hymn for the Weekend,” so even though I did not really give the song a shot at first, it is two familiar artists, for me, collaborating that pulled me in. 

The video was directed by Dave Meyers, who has directed other popular music videos by Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Britney Spears and many more. 

I believe making the video black and white and somewhat slow motion was a good touch because of the vibe of the song. It felt right and pulled on my heart strings a bit. 

I really enjoyed the parallels of the two and the representation of the struggle of not wanting to let go of someone or something, but having to let go. In my opinion, this is something a lot of people can relate to, including myself. 

At the beginning of the video, they were hugging, but then they were standing in the same spots but not together and then reaching out to the other, who was nowhere close by.  

Towards the end, there is the part where they finally do reach each other, but again have to let go. I thought that was really cool because sometimes I watch videos and I think, “what does this have to do with anything?” but this video not only perfected the vibe, but visually expressed the lyrics very well. 

It was reported by Selena Gomez Charts, @SGChartUpdate, on twitter that “Let Somebody Go” received 100,000 views on its first 5 minutes of release. 

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