Connecticut Hall food getting worse

Sarah Shelton – Features Editor

Ever since my freshman year, I have always loved going to Connecticut Hall with my friends; every night for dinner.  

I have noticed a lot of students have always complained about the food over the years, and I have too at points. Once, I got pasta which had ziti and elbow macaroni mixed together with cold, hard cheese melted on it and it was gross. I remember sending it to my mom like ‘I guess they are running out of food?’ But other than occasional times like those, everything was fine with the food. But back then, Connecticut Hall was self-serve.  

Ever since COVID-19, I have noticed less varieties of food being served, and lately it has been even worse. I feel like it is the same things every day. I have been eating pizza and cheeseburgers almost every day since I do not want my meal plan to go to waste.  

I know the Conn Hall workers are doing their best, and none of this is their fault, but my friends and I personally feel that we pay a lot of money for these meal plans just for pizza, fries, salad, and those every once in a while baked potato and stir fry.  

The Adanti Student Center has way better food, in my opinion, but my 12 meals a week plan only covers Connecticut Hall. I cannot afford to get a quesadilla or sandwich every day at the student center and not use my meal plan. I also waste too much on Door Dash, which I normally do after Conn Hall because I would still be hungry after my two slices of pizza. 

When Conn has quesadillas, it is usually just hard cheese; and they do have the sandwich bar, but the last few times I went around 6 p.m. for dinner, it was already emptied and closed. 

I love this university, and I hate complaining, but I feel like it is my job to say something about this. 

One thing I hate is I am somewhat of a picky eater. No, I am not one of those ‘only chicken tenders and pizza’ person, but I do not eat baked potatoes and I do not eat fish, which also crosses out their grilled herb tilapia they sometimes have.  

I’ve also noticed they typically only have one vegan and/or vegetarian option, besides the sandwiches, which is a little unfair, again considering the price of the meal plans we residential students without kitchens are required to have. 

I will say, they recently put out their soft serve ice cream machine and that was a great addition.  

Their other deserts are also really good. The other day I got a “Rice Krispy treat” made from lucky charms and marshmallow. Their brownies and bagels options are also nice to have. They even sometimes have chicken tenders or nuggets, and you can never go wrong with those. 

Like I said, I love going to Conn, I love this university, but I really think we need to reevaluate the menu to have a different food every day at Connecticut hall.  

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  • ShumelYah Yashar'el

    It’s Black History Month and the first meal they put out was italian fest,February 15,2022 ,Sodexho just don’t care

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