West Quads Funniest Videos

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

America’s Funniest Home Videos is a wide-known TV show which showcases submissions of videos of kids, pets, friends, and family they believe are funny. The funniest one wins a prize. For Week of Welcome, the Office of Residence Life decided to do a spin-off of the show. 

Held online on Wednesday, Jan. 26, “West Quad’s Funniest Home Videos” was a video compilation competition between residents and resident advisers of Hickerson Hall, Neff Hall and West Campus. 

According to Owlconnect, this event took a week to put together, “over the course of the first week, West Quad RAs will collect submissions for West Quad’s Funniest Home Videos, we will ask our quad residents to submit video submissions, Tik Toks, etc of them doing something funny in parody of America’s Funniest Home Videos. The top 3 funniest videos will win prizes.” 

Brett Harrell, West Campus’ new Hall Director, said not many videos were submitted, so the odds of winning were very high.  

“We are hosting a call to feature all the videos and get a good laugh and enjoy together,” Harrell said in an email.  

Some of the rules for these videos included: a maximum of 60 seconds, videos recorded on campus must abide by campus policy and no use of derogatory language including but not limited to sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. remarks. 

“In Southern’s film classes, we’re allowed to swear, I felt like they had limited options on stuff to submit because of all the rules,” communications major Chris Rosales, a senior, said. “I understand why though.” 

Harrell informed students the top prize was a first-place trophy and a $100 SCSU Bookstore gift card. Second place was a $50 Amazon gift card and the Third Place prize was a $25 Chipotle gift card. 

“The community will also vote for a fan-favorite video,” Harrell said before the event. “We are running a poll after all the videos are viewed and the winner will receive a fan-favorite prize.” 

The hosts Tony Galvan and Palak Patel played the submissions from Neff and Hickerson hall, while Brett Harrell played the submission from West Campus.   

After playing all of the videos, the three hosts muted themselves and turned off their videos to decide the three winners together. 

At the end of the event, they were not clear what students won, but the videos that were top three were a student laying on the ground in a shark costume with baby shark playing, someone attempting a long jump and finally, someone doing a backflip.  

The baby shark video came in first place and the chosen fan favorite was a tik tok of a dog chasing a girl in slow motion. 

The fan-favorite prize ended up being a $25 Dunkin gift card. 

“I think it was a good event to have. Even though it was virtual we still had fun,” Shyhiem Jones, a sophomore who lives in West Quad, said.  

At some points, the WebEx event froze, but Jones did not let the online event challenges ruin his mood. 

Jones said the “Baby Shark video” which came in first place featured his roommate and was edited by him.  

“I screamed when they picked that video [as the winner],” Jones said. 

Jones said he would love to go to another event like this. 

“I encourage all to participate,” Jones said. 

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