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Rhoyal BlueZ Karaoke Night 

Danielle Campbell Copy Editor

Nostalgia was the name of the game when it came to the Rhoyal BlueZ karaoke night. The divine nine sororities Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. collaborated to bring a fun night of singing to the songs of students’ childhood. 

The room was slowly filling up as you could hear side conversations throughout the room. Small laughs and light discussions on a Tuesday night felt necessary for the students as the semester is at its most stressful, the end.  

First on the menu of random song selections was a song from the Disney animated movie Moana. The song “Where you Are.” A few audience members knew the lyrics word for word, but most were singing with the lyrics on the big screen. The crowd was still very much shy and not giving the songs their full strength. The song was sung without the confidence and gusto of a traditional karaoke night.  

This shyness may be a result of the stress and social reintroduction students have dealt with over the semester due to COVID-19. Usually, karaoke nights are loud and full of confidence people usually do not exhibit daily.  

“We decided on this program because we want to do something fun for the students on campus have a chance to just like relax, be themselves and just be free and be comfortable to sing their hearts out,” said Vice President of the Sigma Gamma chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Inc. Letitia Adumoah.  

Although the Adanti Center theater’s speakers were not very loud, the students still enjoyed singing along to their favorite jams. The microphone needed to be fixed but the crowd stepped in, still shy, and tried to sing the songs together. 

The ever-popular karaoke song among black crowds, Fantasia’s “When I see you” brought out a bit more confidence the audience had not shown yet. Those walking in the room were taken by the spirit of Fantasia as they belted out one of her greatest hits, but the room was still very much quiet. 

When High School Musical’s “Gotta Go My Own Way” was requested, the students gained their confidence. Something about the songs of one’s childhood brings the passion out.  

“What about us? What about everything we’ve been through? What about trust? You know I never wanted to hurt you. And what about me? What am I supposed to do? I gotta leave but I’ll miss you,” belted the crowd, finally gaining the volume necessary to be worthy of a certified karaoke night.  

After this song came on, the crowd continued ventured on this nostalgic path. Continuing with the Disney theme, the crowd requested Nick Jonas’ “Introducing Me” from the Camp Rock 2 movie.  

Further into the night, the first person to sing a solo stood before the audience in front of the big screen, singing to Lauren Hill’s “Killing Me Softly”. 

“Singing the song up front was my favorite part because there’s not a choir on campus, so I feel like going to events like this lets me sing,” said Tessiny Colon, a sophomore. 

The night ended with gospel music. First, there was Mary Mary’s “Can’t Give Up Now” where a duet took place at the front of the room. Then there was Kirk Franklin’s “Melodies from Heaven” where a mock choir of various voice ranges broke out to the melodies of the song. 

To end the night, a few of the crowd sang Sinoch’s “Waymaker” and Adumoah broke out in pastoral fashioned adlibs. All in all, the students got to have a night of fun.  

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