2022 Grammys: three different takes on the nominations

Sofia RositaniEditor-in-Chief

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

Dave LeeContributor

Every year around this time there is huge talk about the Grammy nominees for the upcoming show, especially around campus. Many artists get “snubbed” and others finally get recognized for their hard work.  

 Sofia Rositani: 

BTS performed at the American Music Awards, they won three awards, and now they are nominated for only one Grammy. That is not right.  

BTS was at the top of the charts for multiple weeks for their song “Butter” and for “Permission to Dance.” And as an Army, the name of their fanbase, I feel like they are being snubbed by the award show. BTS has become one of the biggest boybands in the world and the fact that they only got one nomination makes no sense whatsoever.  

The group is a South Korean boyband made up of Kim Namjoon, leader and rapper, Kim Seokjin, singer, Min Yoongi, rapper, Jung Hoseok, rapper, Park Jimin, singer, Kim Taehyung, singer, and Jeon Jungkook, singer. All the members also do choreography and work very hard to make everything perfect, so the fact that this happened was very aggravating for Army since we know how hard they work to get where they are.  

As much as I like Olivia Rodrigo, she did not deserve seven nominations. “Driver’s License” came and went, “Good 4 U” was good, but again it was good then but now it is over. The hype ended so long ago, but you know what hype did not end, BTS.  

BTS has been doing their “Permission to Dance” concert at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. It was also sold out all four days. The last concert ends on Dec. 1.  

On one of the previous Grammy’s BTS performed, but they were not nominated for a Grammy, they only used them for marketing purposes so people would watch the Grammy’s. They did not perform until the very end so we were forced to sit through an entire show that did not have BTS getting any award that they worked very hard for.  

The BTS fandom is very dedicated to the group, and we will do a lot to make sure our favorite group gets the credit they deserve. 

Sarah Shelton: 

One thing that really stood out to me this year for the 2022 nominees was Selena Gomez finally got recognized. In 2021 there were many articles about how The Weeknd and Selena Gomez were snubbed. In 2020 there were also many articles about how Harry Styles and Selena Gomez were robbed of a nomination. I mean, how did her first number one, “Lose you to Love me,” not win a Grammy, never mind a nomination. In 2018, many people, not just fans, were amazed how Gomez did not even get a nomination for her song “Bad Liar.” 

This year Gomez is finally nominated for her EP “Revelación” and after the nominations came out, she was most talked about on Twitter, trending worldwide at number two, for this nomination. 

Gomez is in the category for “Best Latin Pop Album,” and I honestly hope she wins it. I am very biased because Gomez was my childhood idol and one of the most inspiring people in my life, but I truly believe she deserves her first Grammy. We grew up on “Wizards of Waverly Place,” and her music as “Selena Gomez & the Scene.” We continue to grow with her music and now she put herself out there with a Spanish record and sounds amazing in it. 

Another thing very noticeable is Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish. Both girls got seven nominations. I definitely think Rodrigo’s is well deserved, but I also think it is crazy. Rodrigo just came into the spotlight this year, well she was on a few Disney shows with supportive fans, but “Driver’s License” put her in front of millions of people and I am rooting for her. If she were to only get one, I hope it is for Best New Artist because her first album was this year and its release was huge.  

For Eilish, I have been following her from when she only had about 18K followers, the “Ocean Eyes” days. As a long-time fan, I wish the best for her and hope she gets one this year, but it is hard to guess if she will be adding another Grammy to her collection in 2022. 

Dove Cameron, who I love, also got a “Special Recognition” because her show “Schmigadoon!” Ep.1 got a nomination for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media. 

Time for the negative part: one person I do not like in this industry is Scooter Braun, known as the guy who bought Taylor Swift’s masters and the guy who manages Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Justin Bieber. 

I know Justin Bieber has had so much success but for him to be a 22 time Grammy Nominee? I personally believe Braun is just paying the Recording Academy for nominations, just a theory, this is not a fact. I first thought this when his terrible song “Yummy” got nominated. 

In my opinion, “Peaches” is not Grammy-worthy and  how is his album nominated for both Pop and R&B? 

However, looking back in the past, many years ago, Bieber lost “Best New Artist,” and he definitely got snubbed back then. I never liked Bieber, even before he dated Gomez. I just feel like, maybe he deserves one nomination, but he should have been getting the nominations for “Beauty and a Beat,” or “#thatPOWER,” not whatever he is doing now.

Dave Lee: 

Lets kick things off with Record of the Year. Shout out to ABBA, I mean ABBA’s not going to win, but seeing them nominated in 2021, that is huge. I think it is going to go to “Driver’s License.” Olivia Rodrigo has a decent solid record. I think she is going to steal the show this year. It is a basic song, but there are worse options, like Bieber. 

Please do not let Justin Bieber win any of these Grammys, “Peaches” is such a bad and overplayed song. I want to see “Happier than Ever,” get some Grammys. It is a super great song, Billie EIlish really shook us with that one, but it is longer than five minutes so it is probably not going to get the Grammy. The same thing with “Montero” by Lil Nas X, great song, problem is, it is not “radio friendly enough.”

Then we got Album of the Year. Again, I can see this going to “Sour” by Rodrigo or even the new Taylor Swift record. I would love to see it go to Lil Nas X or Billie Eilish, but people were not so crazy about “Happier than ever,” compared to Eilish’s first record. There is also Kanye’s album, but they are probably not going to give it to Kanye or Doja Cat. I just hope it is not Bieber. 

At this point it is just the same pattern, for Song of the Year give to Olivia Rodrigo, do not give it to Justin Bieber. 

Just to add insult to injury, “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran is in the same Category as “Peaches,” which is just as bad of a song, in my opinion. Driver’s License is the most decent, and most likely to get a Grammy.  

Again, It is a shame “Happier Than Ever” will most likely not get it. I can see it going to “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat because of Tik Tok, where the song became a trend, but I will be happy if they just give it to Rodrigo. 

Now it is just getting out of hand. For Best R&B performance “Peaches” by Bieber gets nominated again. It really is not an R&B song, I get that it gets those vibes, but on top of that, what makes their performance of the song so great? The melody is so repetitive and boring.  

Shout out to Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic and Bruno Mars in this category because they work so well together. “Leave the Door Open” is a fun song. I also feel like Doja Cat is going to get snubbed, which is unfortunate.  

The moral of the story for this years Grammys: “Driver’s License.” 

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