MCU introduces Harry Styles

Sofia RositaniEditor-in-Chief

“Game Of Thrones” actors, BTS and Harry Styles were a few exciting parts of Marvels latest film, “The Eternals.”  

While the film was interesting, it was also very long. I sat there trying to keep my eyes open. The movie started at 9 p.m. and ended at 11:30 p.m. The movie was two hours and 37 minutes. The movie would have been more interesting if they did not jump back and forth from the past and present.  

I was so excited for the film only for it to be a long-drawn-out film of historical events and some fight scenes. I did like the actors in the film, and I can say I have a favorite character, Druig, played by Barry Keoghan, an Irish actor who I first discovered in the HBO show “Chernobyl.”  

I really enjoyed Druig’s character because unlike the other characters who were optimistic about the human race, he knew the truth and would constantly try and take control of them to stop them from killing each other. It also helped that he looked great in a leather jacket. His relationship with the first deaf superhero in Marvel, Makkari, played by Lauren Ridloff, best known for “The Walking Dead.” Their relationship is so cute, and while we did not get a lot of their relationship on screen, I know we will get to see more in the next films to come in Marvel.  

BTS did have a song in the film and when I say I jumped from the seat, I jumped from the seat and was singing the lyrics to “Friends” by Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung from BTS. I was so excited to hear the song and then see their names at the end of the credits. That was one highlight of the film.  

Which leads me to the best part of the film, Harold Edward Styles, when he was shown in the post credit scene the collective amount of squeals and gasps that came from so many women in the audience, including me, was astounding. I know I was very excited to see him enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he has already signed a five-movie contract. The film itself was a little dry but the moment Styles came on to the screen it was well worth it. 

Styles plays the God of love Eros aka Star fox who is Thanos’s more attractive and favorable brother in the comics and now this film. He was introduced by Pip the Troll, voiced by Patton Oswalt. It was a great entrance even it was 30 seconds at most. All I know is that this film may have been long, a little boring and had a few characters who were not that great, but the moment I saw Styles it was so worthwhile, and I left the theater very excited for the next phase in Marvel.  

The next Marvel film to come out is “Spiderman: No Way Home” which I am looking forward to with the past Spidermen returning to their roles, allegedly.  

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