Bugs infesting West Campus

Sarah Shelton Features Editor

I hate to admit this, but I hate bugs. When they are outside it is okay, but when they invade my personal space, I am grossed out.   

Last week, after a long day in the newsroom, I came to my room to find a dead lady bug on my windowsill. My first thought was “wow that’s bad luck.” It was right next to my rose quartz pendulum too.  

Many Ladybugs have been in my room for a week or two and now I’m finding out it is also happening to my friend who lives in Neff hall.  

I am confused on how so many bugs are getting in. I know in my suite’s common area, our window screens, that were installed not too many years ago, are not on properly and our window is constantly open at the bottom so we have dead bees and flies behind our couch. This actually terrifies me because my one fear in life is bees. Yes, I could walk through an entire haunted trail with no reaction, but when a bee lands on me I am terrified. I cannot even pick them up because I am scared of them, dead or alive. 

We submitted a work order to get our screen fixed early October and were told there is nothing they can do about it, so bugs are constantly able to get in. But how are ladybugs in my room? The room furthest from the common area.   

Before the ladybugs, it was gnats. Now it is spiders.   

This weekend, I went home early Saturday morning to go to work; that afternoon my roommate sent me pictures of our walls with baby spiders all over the place. Right now, they are only by our common area and her side of the suite, but I do not want it to move to my side as well. This honestly disgusts me… spiders? Ladybugs and butterflies seem to be the only bugs I can handle.   

My roommate and her mother have contacted many people in Residence Life about this and seemed to be getting somewhat ignored. When contacting the hall director, they were told our hall director was not at work. They were also told by someone who works here to message them privately, they got no response.  


I am hoping before this article is published they will help us with the problem, but I am starting to doubt it, especially because of all of our other ignored work orders. Our dehumidifier is broken, they came to look at it and said they would get us a new one and then did not. My roommate’s shower light is also broken, this work order was submitted in Sept. and they came Nov. 8, only to fix the light, after her mom contacted them. Honestly, it makes me feel like they only do things when parents get involved. Why are our opinions and feelings not as important as our parents? We are the ones who live here. 

After talking to some residents, I learned the person who lives on the floor under us, directly under us, also had a bug infestation. I love the ResLife staff, but I feel like they are not helping us. My roommate is on the verge of evacuating and I may also consider it because if I see a spider close to my room, I will not be happy. It makes me feel unclean. I just want something to be done about this before the infestation affects our entire suite. 

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