Ultimo breaks my heart in new album release *cries in Italian* 

Sofia RositaniEditor-in-Chief

Ultimo, Niccolò Moriconi, an Italian singer from Rome, Italy released a new album on Oct. 22. This album is really exciting as Ultimo has not released an album since 2019.  

“The tracks Niccolò describes is the emotions found this age from silence, away from the public,” an English translation from Roma Today said.

hile listening to the album, I can hear the emotions he puts into his music. Ultimo has a way with his lyrics that can make anyone relate to it.  

Though Ultimo has many songs ballad-like, he did have a few songs which had a more rock sound to it, such as “Quei Ragazzi,” or “Those Friends,” this catchy song includes a rock sound with drums and an electric guitar. While this song is high on my list of favorites for this album, my favorite song is “La Finestra di Greta,” or “The Window of Greta.” This song is full of emotions because Greta is Ultimo’s girlfriend who he has been dating since 2016. 

The lyrics in Italian and English are added because Italian is such a complex language and for those who understand the language being able to read and understand the beauty in these words he writes, which enraptures his lyrics compared to a rough translation of it in English. But this is how it is for many languages, including English.  

“Come le rose a novembre, tu trova forza all’interno Eli che trovi la fora per insegnare a un maestro E vorrei Dipingere insiеme a te Parole pеr vivere Se vita in te poi non c’è,” Ultimo sang in the song “La Finestra di Greta.”  

“Like roses in November, you find strength within Eli finding the hole to teach a teacher. And I would painting together with you words to live if there is no life in you.” A rough translation of the lyrics Ultimo sings in “La Finestra di Greta.”  

This song is so beautiful because you can hear the love he has for Greta in the lyrics.  

“In 2016, he won the hip hop music competition “One Shot Game,” promoted by the independent record company Honiro Labe. He was confirmed as a participant of the Sanremo Music Festival 2018 in the “new proposal” category with the song “Il ballo delle incertezze”. He released another song in 2017 titled “Pianeti,” which surpassed 12 million views on YouTube. He won the contest and received the Premio Lunezia,” according to Top 40 charts.  

Prior to the release of his album “Solo,” he released the title track “Niente” or “Nothing” is an emotional song Ultimo uses to express his anger and feelings. The torment and apathetic end to a long love story makes a person reflect on another aspect in their life. It is a feeling which will fade and eventually vanish. This song is a flow of his thoughts which culminates into the phrase “Io sono le mie canzoni” or “I am my songs,” something he emphasizes with as his identity as a songwriter.  

The ending of the song is particularly sad. With his acceptance of not feeling anything anymore for the person. While he is in a long and happy relationship it is unclear why or how he wrote these heartbreaking but beautiful songs.

“È triste ma quando mi abbracci non sento più niente,” he sang in “Niente.”  

“It’s sad but when you hug me, I no longer feel anything,” a rough translation of his lyrics in “Nothing.”  

When I first heard about him, I was not really a huge fan, until I heard “Piccola Stella.” This was when I fell in love with his music. Now 2021, this man has completely stolen my heart one lyric at a time.  

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