Spooky Season: Trail of Terror Event

Sarah Shelton Features Editor

Danielle Campbell Copy Editor

Wula Cham Copy Editor

Chainsaws, Skeletons, Michael Myers, Witches, Graveyards and Haunted houses. What do all of these things have in common? A trip to Wallingford.  

On Saturday, Oct.23 Programs Council, ProCon, held an event that brought students from Hickerson hall all the way to “Trail of Terror” in Wallingford. 

The trail featured themed sections such as Michael Myers house, Graveyards, Chainsaws, the Exorcist, a polka dot room, Predator and Alien, a circus, toy story, a witch hunt and many other terrifying themes.  

“I saw it on the weekly Southern email that they were having a Trail of Terror event and I was like, ‘I need to get on that RSVP list,” Computer Science major Siddhi Suresh, a junior, said. 

Suresh said she’s happy ProCon puts on Halloween-themed events for this season.  

Senior Weekend Programmer Matthew Berry said, “We couldn’t do it last year unfortunately because of COVID. But now that we are well, I’m finally happy to do it again, bring it back, especially for me since this is  my last time with ProCon before I graduate.” 

Berry said he had a fun time at this event because he loves the adrenaline of getting scared. He is also glad to hear the students had fun at event.

Suresh said she’s not very experienced in the haunted and scary area, but she volunteered at the university’s Haunted Hickerson event and got to scare people, so she was excited to be the one getting scared. 

“I didn’t even know this [Trail of Terror] existed. I knew of Lake Compounce’s Halloween events and Six Flags, but never anything like this,” Suresh said. 

International student and finance major Tian Zixuan, a junior, said she signed up to the event to try and expirence as many things as she could while she is here at the university.

She said this was her first time going through a haunted event like this and it makes her excited to celebrate Halloween here.

“Obviously I was very scared. It’s longer than I thought. We spent a bunch of time in the haunted house with friends,” Tian said.

Nursing major Destinee Holly, a freshman, and psychology major Craig June, a freshman, came together to the event and said they had a good time. 

“They locked me out for like so long,” Holly said. “The guy dressed as Michael [Myers] would not let me pass and then Freddy [Krueger] was chasing me and they left me.”  

June said they had to wait there for a bit and Freddy Krueger made jokes about the situation. 

“He didn’t even notice at first,” Holly said. “I was screaming ‘Craig’ ‘Craig.’” 

Other students, like biochemistry Eva Rodriguez, a freshman, came by themselves but made new friends at the event. 

“The event was really good, honestly I had a lot of fun,” Rodriguez said. “I actually came here alone, and I made a lot of friends.” 

Rodriguez got scared during the event but had new friends to hold on to. 

“It was scary, but I signed up for that,” Rodriguez said. “The best part was the chainsaw guy. When he was chasing us, he was relentless. It was good.” 

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