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Music Review: Lauren Jauregui: new music and show

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

On July 27, 2012, a girl group by the name “Fifth Harmony” was formed on The X Factor After many years together, in 2018, Fifth Harmony decided to break up and now member Lauren Jauregui is finally starting a new music era. 

In 2018, Jauregui released her song, one of my favorite songs ever, called “Expectations,” and has released a few singles and collaborations, some even in Spanish, but no album.  

Jauregui has yet to release an album, but now she is going in that direction. She recently released a song titled “Colors,” and an intro, which is possibly the introduction to her album. She also mentioned in an interview with Bustle her EP (mini-album) “Prelude” will be released later this year with her label “Attunement Records,” in partnership with AWAL.  

When I listened to “Intro” I felt chills. I have been waiting for Jauregui to discover herself with music after being in a girl group for so long and I feel like this EP will be worth the wait.  

The intro was only music, but it really gets you hyped for the EP. Right after the intro comes “Colors” 

According to the Bustle interview, Jauregui considers “Colors” as the thesis statement of the project. She decided not to call the song the lead single of her album.  

Colors has piano music in the background and the lyrics almost sound like a conversation with herself. I relate to the lyrics and I feel others will too. 

Jauregui sings, “I can be someone I feel I’m not, who taught me that,” “ignoring spirit really never helped me” and “my heart has a way of rejecting what’s good for it.” 

One thing I love about Jauregui is her voice. It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect for ballads like this. It is almost heart-wrenching.  

I also love how she is not scared to put her feelings out there and to be an independent artist after so many years of being in one of the biggest girl groups in the world. I believe she has always had the strength and voice to be independent.  

During the outro of the song, it turns from a ballad to a faster pace of her talking, and I love it. In my opinion, she is really putting her heart into this EP and not caring if it makes the radio or not, which I really admire.  

Jauregui offered a virtual experience for fans on Moment House, a website for virtual shows and events, and I had to buy a ticket. I knew this EP was going to be something special.  

When the show started, it was visuals of her getting ready for the show. Then she was wearing a beautiful white dress with the dancers wearing all black, making her pop out. 

The show started with her song “Colors,” which was beautiful. After colors ended, there was a transition of her singing. What stood out to me was “don’t feel like myself.” It sounded so beautiful. It turns out, this was the song she was signing next. 

The song was called “Scattered.” It was very relatable, and I can tell it came from the heart. After this song, more transitions and visuals of her preparing for the show were shown. There were more visuals throughout, such as flowers opening. These visuals made it feel like a real concert. 

She played an unreleased song called “Falling” next. For this, she was wearing a long black dress and the show was in black and white. When I thought of a Lauren Jauregui solo song, this was what I imagined. It somewhat reminded me of her song “No way” with Fifth Harmony. Even if it has a different vibe. 

She played a few other songs, such as “On Guard Ft. 6LACK and “Sorry.” I really enjoyed her song “Sorry.” I love songs I can relate to.  

The main element of the show was the visuals, dancing and feelings.  

I will never get over how beautiful her voice is and how her music speaks to the soul. 

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