ProCon’s bingo night

Devin HollisterContributor

Programs Council, ProCon, held their annual bingo night event last Tuesday at 8 p.m., where students took a chance to win prizes. ProCon hosted the bingo night in the Adanti Student Center Ballroom. Information for their Bingo night was posted on ProCon’s official Instagram page.

Changes were made to how the game was played. Because of the current pandemic, students had to sit with one empty seat in between each other. The game also had to be played on student’s phones instead of paper cards . They used a on bingo-themed website to pull the numbers.

The hosts from ProCon, environmental system major Katie Kost, a junior, and communications major Ramsley Exantus, a senior, ran the event by calling out the numbers for students to check off their phones.Communications major Spencer Lane, a freshman, won the Dunkin Donuts gift card in the first round. However, he claimed that there were other elements of the event he enjoyed other than winning a prize.

“I like how the game was set up,” Lane said, “with the card game on your phone and calling it out up there.”

Overall, students won eight gift cards, with the card’s value increasing every couple of rounds. The first was a $25 Dunkin Donuts card, a $25 Target gift card, the next a $25 Starbucks card, a $25 Bath and Body Works card, a $50 Texas Roadhouse card, a $50 Outback Steakhouse gift card and two $100 Amazon cards.These gift cards were funded through Procon’s budget to split the money for different categories of events. For example, the Bingo event is labeled a “Night Time Committee” event since it took place at night.

During one round, multiple students got bingo simultaneously, but there was only one gift card to be won. To resolve this, the event hosts had the winners play rock, paper, scissors with each other until the final person won.

Overall, ProCon’s primary goal is to get students involved on campus, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that locked everyone inside. With this Bingo event, students were able to do something together while earning prizes for it.

“We just wanted to interact with the winners and students,” said Exantus. “I’m happy that everyone showed up and we had the numbers that we needed, and yeah everything went well.”

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