Calling all the monsters: Thriii reboot

Sarah Shelton Features Editor

Back in 2011, China Anne McClain released an iconic Halloween-themed song with her Disney show “A.N.T. Farm.” Now for the 10 year anniversary of the song, a new version of the song has been re-leased.

McClain released the reboot of the song on Friday featuring her two sisters, Sierra McClain and Lauryn McClain. They make up a group called Thriii. In a recent interview, she said she knew the reboot had to be with her siblings, it just felt right to her.

At the beginning of the song, you hear new Halloween music and the old version of the song starts playing, which quickly turns into the new version by Thrii featuring Messenger, who is their brother. I was actually really excited to see this collaboration. I remember when the girls used to go by the McClain Sisters, and I loved their song “Go” when I was a kid, which was also featured on “A.N.T. Farm.”

The new reboot of the song basically has the same lyrics, but there are parts of the music, beat and the singing that sound very different from the original. I am very happy they released this song during the Autumn season, or as I like to say spooky season. I love the nostalgia, however, I’m not sure if I like this version as much as the original.

I really liked the new Halloween music at the beginning, it makes me more excited for Halloween, but right when the song’s music started after the first new “calling all the monsters” lyric, my initial reaction was “what is this.” I did not like the new music. I really enjoyed the old beat, but then I got used to it as they started singing.

Mainly because of the singing, but also the music/beat, I feel like it is the grown-up version of the song, but I do think the original had more of a fun and happy feel to it. The old version makes me want to dance more, but I think if this newer version was the original, I would have no problems with it. I just think the original is too good.

I actually have been listening to the newer version a lot since it came out. I think it is the nostalgia that makes me happy. Also the fact China sounds more mature in this since she was a kid when the original came out.

Another thing very different from the original, but somewhat similar, is the music video. The original music video featured China and her friends on Halloween too scared to go into a scary house, so she goes in and literally dances with the monsters, then pretends nothing happened.

I will say, I do like the new video better, and I love how she had the opportunity to do this new version with her family.

In the new video, it starts with cool animations and new spooky sounds, starts the old version, then she picks up the phone and the newer version starts playing. I personally think it was a strong beginning for a music video. I really loved the aesthetics of the newer video and all of their outfits. What I was surprised by is it was released on DisneyMusicVEVO and not China or Thriii’s Vevo. I guess it is because it is Disney’s song, not hers.

Also, I honestly feel like China was talking more than singing in this new version, except in the chorus, but I actually like the vibe of it. I also love how China included her brother, but his part felt a little random. However, I know a lot of people have different opinions and think his part made the song better.

It is a great song, I just expected the reboot to be better than the original. I appreciate them still keeping monsters in the video, dancing with them and keeping a Halloween vibe to it.

This song is great and Thriii did it justice, but in my opinion, nothing can ever top the original.

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