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Apple Cider and Donuts

Sofia Rositani Editor-in-Chief

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

With Fall arriving, and Homecoming on the horizon, there are many Fall themed events on the path, including Programming Council’s, ProCon, apple cider and donuts event.  

This event featured apple cider and donuts, straight from Lyman’s Orchards, to be handed out to students. 

Lyman Orchards, located in Middlefield has been around for over 275 years and is a well-known staple in Connecticut. 

According to the Lyman Orchards website, “In their wildest dreams, colonial farmer John Lyman and his wife, Hope, could not have envisioned the complex and diverse enterprise that would evolve from their purchase in 1741 of a 37-acre parcel of land in what is now Middlefield. Now covering more than 1,100 acres of scenic farmland, Lyman Orchards is one of the most popular family attractions in New England.” 

ProCon Daytime Programmer, Izzy Satmary is one of the students who came up with the idea to do this event. This is Satmary’s first semester with ProCon.  

“I just really want to get more involved on campus and I really like seeing other people happy, so I thought it would be fun to get involved and see people happy every day. I just thought it would bring more joy in my own life so I thought I would try it out,” Satmary said.  

ProCon Weekend Programmer, Matt Berry was at the event volunteering with the daytime crew since he usually does weekend events. He was there to get everyone’s student ID numbers for OwlConnect contact tracing. 

“Daytime came up with something that is fall themed. We figured students would want to come out,” Berry said. 

Berry said he loves to do events like this and hopes there is left over cider for him to indulge in. 

“These are from Lyman Orchards over in Middlefield, Connecticut which everyone seems to think is the best place to get cider for the fall season,” Berry said. “One girl literally just went ecstatic when she saw us and was like ‘please give me your cider.’” 

Communications major, Ariana Munoz, a junior, heard about the ProCon event from her friend who heard about the event from another friend.  

“So, we decided to come together (to the event),” Munoz said.  

This time of the year is Munoz’s favorite due to the cool weather and aesthetics of Autumn itself. 

“This is my favorite time (of year), my friend and I bonded over that,” Munoz said.  

Munoz is happy events are giving out food again, since they have not been able to because of COVID-19. 

“I like how I could do it in between my classes and it’s just so simple. But I still get to see so many smiles, well I don’t get to see smiles anymore [because of masks], but I can see smiles in people’s eyes,” Satmary said. 

 “Who doesn’t like free food?” Munoz said. 

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