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Students listen to trap and paint

Danielle Campbell Copy Editor

As “Do You Mind” by DJ Khalid and the entire industry played through the speakers, the sisters of Sigma Gamma chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho prepared the brushes, paint and canvases to a few early participants. 

“Definitely with COVID, the social life died a lot. So, we’re just trying to bring it back. Bring the campus a little more joy cause it’s bad,” said Sigma Gamma member and psychology major Diamond English, a junior.  

“Trap and Paint” events are not new to the campus, but this event was different. It was a release, a communing of students which did not  happen a year before and is slowly picking back up again. 

“We wanted to do trap and paint because we wanted to create an event that was fun. Something to relieve a lot of stress so they get to come, they can listen to good music and just get creative,” said Sigma Gamma President, social work major and psychology minor Tishana Williams, a senior. 

These kinds of events are pretty self-explanatory. A group of people sit and paint freehand or from a model painting as trap music, the university’s bred subgenre of hip-hip, bumps in the background. The campus event was no different thanks to the promoting efforts of the sorority.  

“I just wanted to make sure we had good attendance. So, we tried to do a lot with promoting. We had the event uploaded on Owlconnect. We had a flyer there. Um, we also do a lot of promoting on social media. So, we just wanted to make sure that we had a good turnout because even though, with COVID last year with a lot of things being virtual we’re trying to get people back into the routine of attending things in person and being present,” said Williams. 

The room was filled with happy participants who were glad to be social on campus again.  

“I just thought it would be a good experience to, you know, meet new people, make new friends, you know, in the sorority and just other girls here,” said psychology majot Amaya Bruce, a junior. 

With the room bustling with conversations and laughter, there were all kinds of paintings from those who have clearly painted before to the beginners. There was no set painting to copy so the students had to pull from their imaginations as they connected. 

“I think it’s a really nice, like calm social space for us to like interact and like just paint and chill,” said health studies major and French minor Kellyann McPhoy, a junior. 

“I wanted to meet new people and get more involved on campus,” said theater major and women & gender studies minor Anasia Gordon, a senior. When asked about the event she said, “I like it. The people are really nice, and the painting is relaxing.”  

The Sigma Gamma chapter also had a lot of friends in the room come to support them and use this time to release the stress of the week. 

“Me and my friends love to paint usually as something fun to do and then also I have friends in SG Rho. So, it was nice to come out and support them,” said secondary education major and English minor Mychelle Barnes, a junior. 

“Part of why I wanted to do Trap & Paint was, for me personally, sometimes I do it [paint] as a way to relieve stress and I just started doing it maybe within the past month. So, I was like ‘we could do a trap & paint’ cause I think maybe other people who feel how I feel would think it’s a good stress reliever,” said Williams. 

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