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Major change is okay, we cannot control it  

Sofia Rositani Editor-in-Chief

In my three years of being at this university, I never thought I would be changing my major, I also did not realize I would be changing so late in my four-year journey called college. It was a hard decision but overall, I am happy with my decision. Change is not just in a major, change is everywhere.  

I was originally a journalism and Italian major with a minor in social media. I am now an Italian major with a minor in journalism. While I do love journalism, it has been something I have wanted to do since I was 10 years old, I do not see myself doing it as a full-time job. Instead, I see myself becoming an Italian teacher, something I know my family in Italy are overly excited about. I love my culture, I love my language, and I want to show students going to high school how amazing it is and how learning a new language can be fun.  

The major change took forever, this process was probably one of the most stressful parts, the waiting, contacting the registrar’s office, and still currently waiting for my minor change to take effect, hopefully soon. It is a tiring process, and so will the classes I have to take once I go for my post-baccalaureate in education, if I get accepted that is.  

I love to write, being a journalism major has taught me so much, but I also love Italian. At first, I thought combining the two and working for an Italian newspaper would be my “future,” but I realized in reality what I really wanted to do was teach it instead.  

 “We all change, when you think about it, we are all different all through our lives. That’s okay, that’s good you gotta keep moving as long as you remember all the people you used to be,” The 11th Doctor said in the show “Doctor Who.” 

This quote makes me feel good about changing who I am, I always saw change as a bad thing until I watched “Doctor Who.” What is change? When you think about it changing can be a physical sense, an emotional sense, and even a psychological sense.  

“We all saw our lives as single-handedly within our control,” Meera Navlakha wrote in a New York Times article. 

 I do not believe we cannot control change, I was 15 years old when my grandmother died, I could not control the change, and now I am 21 years old, a junior in college changing my major to something my grandmother taught me at an early age to be proud of and to continue studying. From middle school to college, you are constantly changing, you may not realize it, but you are, change is constant it can be from your clothing preference to your music preference.  

Change can be difficult too, you can lose a loved one, break up with your partner and lose the best friend you have had for who knows how long. Even so, you may also gain love from a new family member, you may find your soulmate, and the person you said would never be your friend is now your best friend, optimist is what people should be like during change.  

 “Now I’m pushing myself to embrace it – to be open-minded and non-judgmental, not only of people around me but myself,” Navlakha wrote.  

I am optimistic about my change in majors, and who knows, I may even write for an Italian newspaper one day, but right now I am very happy to continue my journey and better myself in not just my writing but also my culture and language. 

 Do not be scared to change something about yourself, and most importantly if you are not happy in your major, just find something else more interesting, pursue it and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  

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