BTS Collaborates with Coldplay in new song

Sofia RositaniEditor-in-Chief

Coldplay has outdone themselves with their new song featuring BTS, released this week. This song brought me back to the time I used to religiously listen to Coldplay, but it also has the new sounds of BTS. It made me feel some type of way.

BTS fans were blessed with so much excitement this past week. First, the group was in New York City for the United Na-tions General Meeting, where Kim Namjoon, the leader of the group, said an amazing speech, but also performed “Permis-sion to Dance” both in and outside the UN. BTS not only accomplished this, but then went ahead to release a collaboration with FILA, which I already know will be sold out within an hour. And then they released this song with Coldplay. And finally, yes, I promise this is the last one, they were on “Good Morning America.”

This is a reminder for non-BTS fans to check on their friends, because they may be suffering from loss of sleep right now. This may cause hallucinations of the members. As a BTS fan, I understand the pain of what we do to see the group because I went to sleep late and woke up at 6 am to watch BTS on “Good Morning America.” It was worth it. International fans deserve all the credit because we stay up late or wake up super early just to see them live. “This has the same beat of Coldplay but sounds like BTS,” my mother said.

I really enjoyed the lyrics and meaning of the song, and I personally am happy to be hearing them sing in Korean because it feels like forever since I heard them release a song in Korean. Their last few were in English.As someone who has been having a rough few weeks, hearing some of the lyrics in “My Universe” are refreshing. “Because you are my stars and my universe. These hardships are just temporary. Always shine bright as you always do. We will follow you through this long night,” rapped Suga in Korean. I love these lyrics, and it is not just because it is my favorite rapping it, but because it makes me feel like I am not alone through moments where I feel like a failure or not good enough, which happens more than many may think.

Not many people know that BTS has saved the lives of many through their music. People may think it is stupid but listening to them helps me through when I feel at my worst and listening to them makes me think “I can do this,” during the moments I feel like I cannot. They have helped me through so much without even realizing it. Before the song even came out, it was all over Tiktok where users from both fandoms were showing their reactions to the small snippet of the song.

A video I thoroughly enjoyed on the app was of a person using a green screen pretending to be in church praying to the song because it sounds like a “church song” to the user. “The track, co-written in English and Korean by both groups, celebrates life’s small wonders; the universe becomes a metaphor for a romantic relationship where both partners overcome societal barriers by under-standing their differences,” an NPR article said. “The song soothes hardships, reminding us of the ways we shine light on each other’s lives. Even through heavy conversations on love and discrimination, “My Universe” remains hopeful throughout with its punchy drumline and inspirational lyrics: “After all, this hardship is just brief Always shine as bright as you are now.”

BTS has become one of the most popular groups in the world, so it was no surprise that they were asked to attend the UN general meeting by President Moon Jae-in as presidential envoys to talk about climate change and mental health at the general meeting. Due to the group being there, the livestream of the meeting got over 1 million views worldwide. “My Universe,” an uplifting pop-rock song about a difficult love, works as the second promotional single from Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres,” according to Genius. “The track, written by Coldplay alongside BTS rappers, originally was made only for BTS, but the artists ended up perform-ing it together.

The chorus vocals sung together were recorded in April 2021 when Coldplay’s Chris Martin visited South Korea. The song marks the first collaboration be-tween the two artists.” The excitement did not end with the song, but at the Global Citizen con-cert Coldplay performed “My Universe in New York. BTS did do a virtual performance of their song “Butter” and “Permission to Dance.”

This band holds the hearts of millions around the world and us Army, BTS fandom name, are excited to see what the group does next, hoping for a new album. While they sing “My Universe,” in the hearts of all BTS fans they are our universe and when their new Soop, a show they put out, comes out, I know I will be staying up for each episode’s release, just like I did with their song and their show appearances.

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