Lil Nas X delivers his first album: Montero

Sofia Rositani News Editor

On Sept. 17, 2021, Lil Nas X, legal name Montero Hill, delivered his first album.

The album is titled “Montero.” He posted a video of him birthing his first album during a livestream to countdown the hours until his album was delivered. The album comes five months after his song titled “Montero” came out.

The album features many different artists including Sir. Elton John, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat. A few days before the album was released, Hill won multiple awards at the VMAs. He won Video of the Year, Best Direction, and Song of the Summer. He also performed “Industry Baby” with Jack Harlow and the album title track “Montero.”

“It’s all connecting to one little world,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “It’s pretty cohesive. It’s very much straightforward, like OK, this Monte-ro: This is how I feel about the future, about this past event, about this current thing going, this part of my love life, this part of family, this part of my career, you know? I really wanna let people to get to know Montero. It’s definitely deeper, but it still has its bops.”

This being his first album, he was sure to make it incredibly special. His PR team deserved a raise after it was released, because the lead up to it was amazing. Hill had a fake pregnancy belly and decided to have a “baby shower” to celebrate the birth of this album. It definitely hyped me up for this album see-ing the different videos he posted about it.

While the PR led up to a good album, I personally thought it could be better. I came in with high expectations, which left me with a sense of longing for more. While I expected better, I still think it was a good album with some very catchy songs.

The song I enjoyed the most was “LOST IN THE CITADEL” because the song, in my opinion, was catchy and had relatable lyrics. “My God, you’re an angel I only see you in your halo I was hopin’ we could stay close, but we no longer sing the same notes,” sang Lil Nas X. I think everyone can relate to a one-sided love and the feeling of rejection. People can relate to and enjoy the song because of its relatability.

One song I was really disappointed with was “ONE OF ME Feat. Elton John.” I was so excited for this track, especially with the way both Hill and John advertised it. In the end it was a big disappointment.

If a person puts “Feat.” in it then I expect to hear the person sing or rap or even just talk in the background. We got none of that, instead, all we heard was John playing the piano, which literally could be anyone. I went in with grand expectations and because of it I thought I was listening to the wrong song.

Another song I thoroughly enjoyed was “DOLLA SIGN SLIME Feat. Megan Thee Stallion.” I thought it was a great anthem and even though he was bragging, I thought it was catchy enough and did not even care. Megan always does an excellent job. When she is featured on a song “Butter” by BTS is a fitting example of her making a great song better.

Everyone has had a challenging time this past year—this album was a rollercoaster of emotions. While I do not think it was “album of the year,” I do think it was really relatable and had a few songs I have already added to my “Jam in the Car” playlist on Spotify.

According to an interview with Lil Nas X, he said “creating this album has been therapy for me.”

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