Getting to know one another with bingo

Sarah SheltonFeatures Editor

Students gathered on the third floor of West Campus for music, juice, chips and to to have fun and win a free gift card.  

On Thursday, Sept. 9, West Campus Resident Advisers, or RAs, held a small event for students to get to know one another. They decided on a small Bingo game for students to figure out each other’s hobbies and interests.  

“I’m an RA on the suite side of the third floor,” West Campus RA Azaria Porter, a senior, said. “During RA training we had a ‘get to know you’ like this with all the other RA’s so I thought it would be a good idea to make that a social for this floor so as a community we could get to know each other. As you can see, not a lot of people showed up.” 

Even though they did not get the number of people they expected, Porter still thinks it was a good event to host. They advertised through their group chat for the third floor, with flyers, and using Owl Connect. 

Each paper card that was handed out had 4×4 squares with different words in each box such as, “Tik Tok,” “Certified Loverboy” (Drake’s new album,) “STEM Major,” etc. Each student with a card had to find someone who fit in these categories to sign the specific box, however, each person could only sign one box on each player’s card. 

“We used a Bingo generator online for this event and we put questions that are currently popular so it would be easy to get signatures for that,” Porter said. 

There were three rounds and students had to get a new card after each round, whoever gets 4 in a row — Bingo, first, got a gift card. There were 3 different options of for gift cards, with different dollar amounts. The Resident Advisers running the event let each winner pick which gift card they wanted instead of choosing for them. 

The first winner of the event was psychology major Alexandria (Ali) Depaul, a junior, who got a $10 Chipotle gift card. 

“It’s only $10, but that’s enough for a burrito so I’m really happy,” Depaul said. 

The second winner of the event was elementary education major Dave Lee, a senior, who got a $25 Dairy Queen gift card. 

“I came because I heard there were prizes,” Lee said. “I like free ice cream.” 

At this event, they had a large bag filled with small bags of chips and a box of Capri Sun juice pouches.  

Lee said he got Doritos. Other students, such as business management major Dylan Olesen, a junior, said he did not have any of the snacks at the event because he had just gotten food from Connecticut (Conn) Hall  with his friends. He lives on the third floor, so he just happened to be there at the right time. 

“I just came back from Conn and I saw the event in passing,” Olesen said. 

Olesen happened to be the third winner of the night, getting a $5 Dunkin gift card. 

“I’m happy I was walking by, I love free money,” Olesen said. 

Other students who do not live in West Campus, such as Noah Falcioni, who is a commuter, came with their friends who live at West to have fun, get some snacks, and try to win a gift card. 

Lee said he expected more people to come, but still believes it was a “pretty good turnout.” 

Lee said he feels he did not get to know people well, he did not even know the majority of their names, just where they fit on the Bingo card. 

“They were not very sociable,” said Lee. 

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