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Campus gets a taste of New Haven

Danielle CampbellCopy-Editor

A large crowd started forming outside the Farnham programming space (FPS) before the event. Programs Council (ProCon) was putting on its first big food event since the pandemic hit.  

Eric Lacharity, associate director of Student Involvement, announced to the crowd of students, to have patience while they followed covid guidelines to let them all into the building. 

“I mean after, really, three semesters of not being able to do that kind of event it was really exciting for us to be able to bring it back,” said Lacharity.  

The crowd outside mingled, anxiously waiting to get inside. The cut-off was 10 people at a time. After one group went in, the doors were shut to let the crowd in slowly and safely. This is the new normal COVID-19 has created on campus, but students still seemed excited to get out of their dorms.  

“I’m glad to be back. I love living on campus. I love campus life and I love Southern,” said elementary education major David Lee, a senior. 

Once inside, students were served buffet style by ProCon members to follow COVID- 19 event guidelines. Each student went down the line and was given a plate of New Haven treats. A dessert table was also handing out individually wrapped items and a drink table housed canned and bottled drinks.  

“We had to make sure that we took all the necessary precautions. Serving students wearing gloves, making sure the capacity never was over the limit, but I mean that all went I think pretty well, and it was just nice to be able to provide that service for students,” said Lacharity.  

Some students came to the event to be introduced to New Haven culinary delights because they were not used to traveling around the city for good eats just yet.  

“I used to come to all, not only Farnham Programming space events but also student involvement events, and I just felt like even though I’ve been dorming in New Haven, I haven’t really tried all the foods I haven’t been experimented with all the cuisine that’s nearby, so it’s a really good experience,” said accounting major Khanna Burgess, a senior. 

Yorkside Pizza provided alfredo pasta, penne a la vodka, and caesar salad. Insomnia Cookies and Donut Crazy provided their staple assortments.  Chen’s Kitchen provided veggie lo mein and veggie fried rice. Tomatillo provided chips with guac and salsa and Bonchon provided an assortment of wings.  

“I’m really not aware of much of what’s going on in New Haven and I know they’re known for their food, and I wanted to taste what they had,” said political science major Holly Trumpler, a freshman. “I think they did a great job of combining so many different styles and cultures, at least, American and Chinese, which is always a fan favorite, and they nailed all of it.” 

ProCon wanted to provide this event to the students who had not been able to attend these events last year. Many of the students on campus had not gone to some of the more well-known and attended reoccurring campus events.  

“This is really our one big event to really kind of normalize [things], bring the normal back,” said ProCon nighttime programmer and bi-lingual elementary education major Kimberly Roig, a senior. 

The line was still out the door and up the steps as students exited the event so others could come in. The students chatted in line with smiling faces, excited to get some good free food. 

“I think after being separated for so long, I think students have a desire to be out in the physical campus and interacting with other students and getting to know their peers,” said Lacharity. 

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  1. Holly – Sounds like an interesting event. So glad you’re doing fun stuff! Hope you’re enjoying college. Come see me on your vacation!

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