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Valued my time at SNEWS

Desteny MaraghNews Editor

Editing, writing, and reporting on the Southern news has been a journey of growth and evolution for me.  

Since joining the newsroom in 2020, my journalistic skills have been put to the test more times than I can count, but the challenge has made me a better writer and editor.  

Gaining skills that one can only learn in this field: paying close attention to detail, having a way with words, and knowing the difference between counsel and council.  

Journalism is a direct line of communication to the world, and the job is to deliver messages to your audience clearly and accurately. , It is a rewarding feeling to share constant information with my peers. 

In today’s hyper-online flux world, there is easy access to news and information, so easy that it is a click away. Fast-paced information sharing has allowed me to stay on top of current news, politics, and hot topics that I can incorporate in the newsroom. 

 There are endless categories of topics to cover. This past year alone I have written about the Black Lives Matter movement, the 200th anniversary of women’s right to vote and the rise of TikTok. 

Writing and editing on the Southern News is something I initially thought I was choosing for myself but overtime, I have realized that I operate more as a public servant. 

Being news editor means my work is the first thing people see when they pick up a paper, and it is critical that the information I put out is factual and reliable.  

A highlight of my time here is being named a finalist in the Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence Awards, in the category of feature writing for my story, “Drumline works to empower and motivate.” 

I value my time here at the Southern News because I am leaving with skills that I will use in my personal and professional career.  

Journalism can be looked at as a comparison to life, not every story in your paper will be the most joyous or interesting. Some stories are sad or upsetting but every story deserves to be read and acknowledged.  

Life may not always be easy to read, but that does not mean we put the paper down.   

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