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Big Event Week offers excitement

Caitlin O’HalloranReporter

Big Event Week was held in a tent through-out the entire week with various different clubs and organizations hosting activities for students.

“Given where we are and the dynamic of the campus right now, we morphed the Big Event into kind of a week-long series of events. So like SGA did COVID bag mak-ing and Pediatric Cancer Awareness Organization, (PCAO), did card making and (OZP) did dog toys, so we’ve been doing things each day just to kind of make it a week of events,” said Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership DevelopmenT Eric Lacharity.

Pre-COVID, this week-long event would typi-cally be one day towards the end of April where students would get to-gether with different New Haven organizations and clean up.

“We would work with different neighborhoods, specialists in New Hav-en to identify different areas that needed either clean up, parks revital-ized, painting, things like that, so it was just like a refresh of our community in New Haven and then we’d work with different schools as well who had some clean up needs, different elementary schools in New Haven,” said Assistance Director of Clubs and Organizations Daphney Alston.

Due to the pandemic, the Office of Student Involvement decided to make this event through the entire week so students still get a chance to be involved and participate in various activities.

“So we just have a lot going on during this one week, we’ve had really good attendance I would say for the in-person events that we’ve had, students love game shows so we’ve been doing a lot of those, we did Deal or No Deal, we’ve done Bingo, we’ve done Let’s Make a Deal and trivia,” said Lacharity.

Towards the end of the week, there were some issues with the tent that caused some of the events to be relocated outdoors or to other locations on campus.

“We’ve got an airbrush frisbee event where stu-dents can get out of their rooms and like have an artist spray paint a fresh frisbee for them with any design they want it’s just another thing to try to get students together,” said senior weekend program and biochemistry major Matt Berry, a junior.

The airbrush frisbee event was supposed to be held in the Activities Tent, but due to difficulties, it was moved to the Res Life Quad where students could stop by and participate in the event.

“I thought it was pretty interesting I didn’t really have a frisbee, so I have a friend that likes to throw frisbee all the time so I thought it was cool,” said journalism major Devin Hollister, a sophomore.

The games like Let’s Make a Deal, Bingo and Deal or No Deal were held multiple different days in the tent to give students a chance to stop by and join in on the events.

“It’s just an opportunity for students to get out of their rooms, maybe back on campus if they’re a commuter and I think as the week has gone on people have been like ‘oh my god, they gave away $300 to the winner of trivia, I’m going to Bin-go tonight for sure,’ so that’s been really funny to watch and the goal is fun, the goal is just interaction, networking, whatever it is just to get students to be with each other and have a little fun and maybe win some gift cards,” said Lacharity.

There will be an event celebrating all of the student organizations on Wednesday evening where different groups will be receiving awards such as Student Organ-ization of the Year, Pro-gram of the Year, Member of the Year and others.

“It’s just a really good way for us to keep the giving and community relations that we typically have as a Southern community and just finding a safe way to do it within this pandem-ic and just for students to also be able to have a fun activity, connect with each other,” said Alston.

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