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Weekend drive-in ‘Bad Boys for Life’

Madeline S. Scharf Reporter

On Saturday, Apr. 17, Weekend Warriors and Residence Hall Association brought the big screen to students on campus. “Bad Boys for Life” played in the Residence Quad, starting at 8 p.m.

The staff for both Weekend Warriors and Residence Hall Association collaborated to pull off this event. Graduate intern Reaunna Bartell works as a coordinator for Weekend Warriors events and helped put on the programs first movie night. “This is the first movie night I have ever done,” said Bartell, “but from past movie events held on campus we are expecting a good turn-out.”

Students assisted in choosing the film for the evening. Sociology major Lynden Johnson, a sophomore and residence hall employee, explained how students participated in movie selections. “We put out a poll on Instagram,” said Johnson. “Bad Boys for Life was most liked, so we went with that one.”

“Bad Boys for Life,” which came out in 2020, is the third movie in the series. According to IMDB, it was produced by Colombia Pictures and has an estimated budget of $90,000,000. Its star-studded cast includes Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Critics gave positive reviews for the 2020 film. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the critics consensus for the movie was positive. “Loaded up with action and a double helping of leading-man charisma, Bad Boys for Life reinvigorates this long-dormant franchise by playing squarely to its strengths,” said the website. Students gathered in the quad to watch this action-packed movie.

To show movies to audiences this large, the university needs licensing. “We use Swank to get licensing to play the movie,” said Bartell. Swank provides movie licensing to many different places, from cruise ships to college campuses. It allows places to screen copyrighted movies.

Also needed to screen movies is a movie screen. The school turns to outside contractors to set up the screen. “On campus we use a service called FUN Enterprises,” said Bartell. “We use them for events, they have a lot of things we can use for programs.” The company has been used in the past for events with inflatable rides and pictures.

Students seem to enjoy having events to attend. exploratory major, Kaitlyn Gerckens, a freshman, was excited for the free things and outdoor activity. “Me and my friends really wanted this Southern Residence Hall merch,” said Gerckens, patting a blanket given out by the organizers. “I also try to attend as many events as possible.”

The event provided more than just a movie and blankets. Students were also allowed to pick from many different candies and popcorn. “These events always have a good turnout,” said Johnson. “People love snacks and such.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more limits to what events and programs can be held. Still, the Weekend Warriors and Residence Life hope to put on a good event. There is less fear with this movie event. “The event is safe,” Bartell said. “It is held outside, socially distanced. Unless eating the snacks, students are to wear masks as well.”

Students understand the need for caution. “I feel that there are currently enough events, with COVID and it’s restrictions,” said Gerckens.

“Residence Hall is really doing as good as they can with the restrictions.”

The event was large, garnering many students. Bartell had “hoped people would attend,” and many did, the residence quad being dotted with students reclining and watching the movies, socially distanced. Students enjoyed the event as well.

“I want to enjoy my freshman year,” said Gerckens. She wants to attend as many events as possible for her first year of college. “I am really excited to see what SCSU’s future holds.”

Photo credit: Madeline Scharf

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