Today: Apr 12, 2024

University gives students option to get vaccinated

Abby Epstein Managing Editor

Vaccine appointments fill up fast. The university has teamed up with different vaccination sites to give students the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

Many vaccination sites are booked and can take weeks to get an appointment. I have friends that would be checking daily for appointment times. Some have received them, while others are still searching.

Students who receive the vaccine through the school are saved from much of this hassle. I personally did not want to search multiple places waiting for an appointment to open up. Setting up an appointment through the school saves me time.

Also, the locations of the vaccination sites are in a reasonable distance for most students. The location I want to try and get is the Floyd Little Athletic Center, which is not even five minutes from campus.

The other locations are in Bridgeport and Uncasville. Bridgeport is 30 minutes away and Uncasville is an hour, but with the university being a big commuter school, this may be more convenient for some students.

To make it even more convenient for students, there will be transportation from the university to Floyd Athletic Center. It could not have been made any easier for students to receive the vaccine.

The only competition for students will be other students. The university sent out a code to type in that lets the website know a Southern student is looking for an appointment. I am excited about this, because I am an out of state student. If the university was not offering the vaccine for students, then I would have probably just waited until I got back home to get the vaccine.

Students should take advantage of this opportunity. The more students that are vaccinated, the more the university will be able to get back to normal. This will allow the university to have more in-person classes, allowing the campus to fill up with more students.

If students receive the vaccine now, they will fully be vaccinated before going home to their family and friends and will be less likely to get COVID-19 or give it to someone, if they do happen to get it.

I think the university making arrangements with vaccination sites and offering transportation to one of them is great. This gives students al-most no excuse not to get the vaccine. It also gives students who really want the vaccine easy access to getting it.

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