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Music Review: Thomas Rhett is “Country Again” with new album

Sofia Rositani  – Arts & Entertainment Editor

Thomas Rhett has done it again with releasing new music, but this time it is not just one song, instead, it is a whole new album. His new album titled, “Country Again (Side A)” is a small portion of a larger double album.  

This double album will have 11 songs and will feature “What’s Your Country Song,” previously released in November of 2020.  

“This is one of my favorite records I’ve ever gotten to make,” Rhett said in a video announcement via Instagram Stories. “I feel so centered as a person. A lot of these songs were written about the lessons I’ve learned over this decade, and for sure in 2020 … I’m just so excited,” according to Taste of Country.  

This album was very surprising for me because I had no idea it was coming out until I saw it recommended to me on my Spotify. As an avid Thomas Rhett listener, I was extremely excited to hear it for the first time as it is very refreshing to hear him talk about life and how it changes. Like in the song “Growing Up.” 

“Guess you get a little older, get a little wiser. A little more turn that cheek. Little less what I want, and more what I need these days, I Still get a little crazy. In a lot of ways, I’m still the kid I was. Just a little less Jack in my cup. Oh, I guess I’m growing up. Yeah, I guess I’m growing up,” Rhett sang in the song “Growing Up.”  

One thing I really enjoy about his music is that he uses nostalgia or his family as an inspiration which makes it more personal and relatable. His title track “Country Again” is very relatable and emotional, like many of his songs, he talks about his family and how happy he is to be, well, country again.  

My favorite part in the song was how he talked about trading his days in Nashville, TN with days in Los Angeles, CA. He also added how he put away his cowboy boots because they did not feel like they belonged to him again, but recently he put them back on. My favorite part of the song is when he talks about his wife and how he was not really paying attention to her but recently have been doing a lot more together with her.  

“I traded sunsets with my wife, for hours on my phone and even when I was right beside her, I still wasn’t really home. But last night, we built a fire, watched the moonlight kiss her skin I thought, man, it feels good to be country again,” sang Rhett in the? song “Country Again.”  

Rhett was born and raised in country music, with his dad being his biggest influence since he was the famous country singer Rhett Akins. Because of this, he started playing and listening to country music from a young age.  

On April 30, Rhett will be doing a virtual concert, “Thomas Rhett One Night Only from Nashville,” this concert will be happening the day the rest of his album comes out which will have 7 more songs being added to what it already has. Knowing Rhett’s music, I know I will need tissues for at least two or three of his songs for they are extremely emotional and remind me of a time when I was free of responsibilities. I hope to hear more of his music soon because he is my favorite country artist and has so much heart in his music that many other country artists lack. 

Rhett sang, “I saw the light, I found the way home Thank you Lord, Amen. Man, it feels good to be country again.”  

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