Shameless Series finale review

Adela Nikocevic Contributor

“Shameless:US” is a Showtime original that aired in 2011, which has sadly come to an end after 11 seasons last night. Shameless is known as a comedy show because it puts reality into a TV show where viewers can relax and laugh as they watch a series bring to life and brighten up the current situation of America. Shameless was directed by John Wells for all eleven seasons and he has worked on series such as “Third Watch”, “The West Wing”, and “Southland”.  

 “Shameless:US” is about a dysfunctional family known as the Gallagher’s who go through the difficulties of life together but as a family, they always managed to make the best of the situation with two absent parents, leaving the oldest daughter Fiona to take care of her 5 younger siblings. 

Earlier in the final season, it is revealed that because of Frank Gallagher, the father, drinking so much and ruining his liver and eventually his brain, he has alcoholic dementia. Later in season 11, John Wells puts light on the COVID-19 pandemic and has a family member of the Gallagher family die due to COVID. As we all know, COVID has had an impact worldwide, and with COVID cases steadily increasing it was interesting to see how it was handled within a TV show. John Wells incorporated Frank to have COVID but since he was diagnosed with alcoholic dementia, he had DO NOT RESUSCITATE tattooed on his chest, so when the nurses seen that they let him die slowly with COVID. Within a couple of hours, it shows how Frank is having memories of earlier years and he realizes he is passing away. He lies there and smiles as he takes his last breath and the machine pans to the monitor and shows that he no longer has a heartbeat. His family, except for Fiona because she left after Season 9, were not bothered that he was nowhere to be found at home. The only one who seemed to care was Liam because he was trying to find where Frank had gone because he was worried about him. 

One of the things I love about John Wells is that he leaves Shameless fans in suspense because he hinted something will happen but not how they will die or be removed from the show. Showtime also would post on Twitter small clips of what to do except for the Sunday episode two days in advance so fans had to try and figure out what the next episode could be about. Another thing I love about Shameless is it really showed that even though as a TV show, you have an insight into how some people live their lives on the South Side of Chicago. John Wells really was able to show the hardships of what people must go through in specific parts so even though it was a small area of Chicago, it represents what so many people around the world go through and experience.  

What I really loved about this series finale is that one minute I was on the edge to cry but the scenes switched so fast, I ended up laughing with tears in my eyes. That is what I love about Shameless, one minute the scene is so serious and so intense that there are so many emotions running through your body and then five minutes later, you are laughing so hard that you cannot breathe. Shameless was such a beautifully written show and it is so sad to see it come to an end after eleven years.  

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