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ProCon engages in-person virrually

Caitlin O’Halloran Reporter

The Programs Council has been putting on multiple events throughout the semester, both virtually and in-person, to keep students involved. 

“Pandemic aside, I think our goal is always to create like a vibrant campus experience for students that gives them opportunities to engage with the campus, to meet other students, to have some fun, maybe to learn a thing or two along the way,” said ProCon’s adviser and assistant director Eric LaCharity.   

There are many different events that the group has been putting on weekly that range from many different categories such as Create your own mocktail kit, stuff an animal event, social media contests and much more.  

“ProCon is created as a student activity, like under student involvement,” said weekend programmer of ProCon and social work major, Jenna Dearborne, a senior. , “So every year for your tuition, you have to pay like a $70 student activity fee, so that money goes to us so we can plan events for you guys.” 

The Programs Council said they are always open to student suggestions on what type of events they would like to see them hold, so that students can get a great and memorable experience throughout their time on campus.  

“We feel it’s important to have events for students so they know they can get a break from all the work and the school-load they have to do because especially with online learning, it’s difficult now and not being able to leave your dorm for most stuff,” said biochemistry major Matt Berry, a junior.  

Under student involvement, ProCon is a group that can offer a fun way for students to be engaged in activities on campus to help them meet new people and have new and different connections with other students on campus.  They also help students widen their experience on campus by helping them succeed and develop new skills through those experiences. 

“We used to plan trips, but because of Covid, we can’t,” said Dearborne. , “We would go to Boston and New York. So now we’re just kind of doing little grab-and-go free things and daytime does the same thing, grab-and-go little events, Kahoot games, and then nighttime does like, let’s make a deal and they give out the X-Box and the Amazon Alexa gift cards and all that so it’s just kind of to give back to the students because this is what they pay for.”  

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, ProCon used to plan many different events that students were always participating in, but it had to be put on pause due to COVID-19.  

“Before our community, this specific one, like (Dearborne) said, we used to do trips to Boston on Saturday’s, or New York or Dave and Busters, we would always get a full sign up for that,” said Berry. , “In fact, we would actually get people that showed up to the bus and would say ‘Hey, do you still have room?’ Those events were always a bigger hit than what we have to deal with now.”  

Even though it’s more difficult to host in-person events during this pandemic, ProCon still offers many different events for students on campus as well as virtually so those who don’t want to attend in person, can still be part of the entertaining events that are put together for their enjoyment.  

LaCharity noted that there will be a tent set up on campus sometime next week where they will house a lot of the remaining programs ProCon will host for the rest of the semester. Where they will have other exciting events to present.  

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