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No fans in stands

Mike NevilleSports Editor

As the NBA and MLB have just begun to open their doors for spectators, the same cannot be said for Southern.

The Northeast 10 Conference mandated a spring policy that will put a halt on fan attendance to all games.

This mandate includes family and friends of the student athletes for both home and visiting teams. This also includes media personnel like me, who will need to adjust to covering games online this spring.

The only way to access the games will be from a livestream. This presents its own level of challenges. How strong will the connection be to view games and how will camera angles appear?

Journalists are not the only ones that will need to adjust to these circumstances. Parents of student athletes will have to cheer from the computer rather than the stands.

Scrolling through the comment sections on Southerns Instagram athletic page showed the distaste of many parents and fans.

Division I schools are in the beginning of March Madness with limited spectators. Connecticut opens its doors back up to 100 percent capacity on March 19. If top level schools and high schools can do it, then why can the NE10 not do the same?

Vaccinations are becoming available each day to more individuals and people are becoming less susceptible to COVID-19. On April fifth, vaccines will be open to those 16 years of age and up.

Parents who have been vaccinated should be allowed to attend games. Those who are not should also be allowed if a six-foot distance is maintained.

In the statement put out by the NE10, the university will decide if faculty members and staff will be permitted to attend “home” athletic games.

This needs to be reevaluated by the NE10. I remember as a former athlete growing up the best part of playing was the fan attendance like friends and especially family.

The Owls softball team is off to a hot start and track, lacrosse and baseball are soon to follow if all pans out. It is a very good time to be a fan of the Owls right now.

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