Allowing clubs to have more in-person events

Abby Epstein Managing Editor

The pandemic shut down the country over a year ago and getting back to normal is still in question. In the last recent weeks, clubs on campus have been hosting more in-person events, slowly making their way back to normal.

This is a great sight to see, that students around campus are able to socialize with each other face-to-face. Attending an event on-line has nowhere near the competitiveness and energy an event in-person has.

The Residence Hall As-sociation (RHA) is hosting multiple events in-person this week for RHA Hump Week. They are finally able to get students to interact with each other outside of a computer screen. RAs that I have interviewed before mention how hard it is to keep the residents involved when events are online. Many students already have online classes and do not want to sit in front of a computer longer than they have to.

Having in-person events gives students the oppor-tunity to leave their dorms and step away from the computer screen. Along with RHA, the Office of Stu-dent Involvement is holding more in-person events. The Recreation and Fitness Center has been holding tournaments in Moore Field House for different sports on Tuesdays. It is nice to see different organizations starting to get back to how their events used to be.

Governor Ned Lamont has increased the number of people that can be in one area, this gives the clubs more breathing room as the guidelines for capacity have become more lenient. On top of the capacity limits being increased, Lamont has announced, starting April 5, anyone 16 or older can receive the vaccine.

Capacity increase, college students able to receive the vaccine and residential students getting tested once a week are all valid reasons to allow for events to hap-pen on campus. Yes, social distancing protocols should be kept in place along with mask wearing, but with all these precautions, it is time to start migrating back to in-person activities.

Not every event should be held in-person as COVID is still around. One example is club meetings. They do not need to be in-person even though club members wish they could see each other not on a computer screen.

The online world is what people have adapted to, but many students are look-ing forward to being back on campus for classes and getting back to some type of normalcy. Having in-per-son events and allowing people to socialize without a barrier is one way to start getting back to normal.

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