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Botany club sets up for April plant sale

Madeline ScharfReporter

The Botany club is a fun, interactive club on campus. Botany is described as the study of plants, but in the club, it is more than just studying specimens.

The students get hands on experience with planting, growing plants, and nurturing plants.

“Right now, we are planning for the plant sale. We are currently sprouting seedlings,” said Environmental System and Sustainability major Derek Faulkner, a senior.

Each member gets their hands dirty. From scooping dirt into planting the seedlings, there is a lot of work to be done to get ready.

The club has one main goal; for people to get a plant. “We want to provide every student with a plant,” said president of the club Ermira Elezi. The club spends their Fridays preparing for the spring plant sale, scheduled for April 29. On this day, the club sets up a stand from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the rotunda, in front of the library. Any student will be provided with a plant. The sale is based off donations and the club is willing to give away plants to those who cannot afford them.

Those involved with the Botany club have fun and learn more about different plants. “We learn fun facts about plants,” said Elezi. “We also learn how to propagate plants.” Propagating is described as the process of growing a new plant, from wither seeds or clippings from larger plants.

COVID has affected the Botany club, like many other organizations. “We have a lot of work,” said Elezi, “but we can only have five students in a room at a time.” This is to ensure each member can keep six feet from one another and work safely in the environmental lab. Despite the difficult circumstances, Elezi is confident about the club’s prospect. “It is hard, but we are getting it done,” she said.

Even with these limitations, the students are still happy to be part of the club. “I have always loved plants,” said history major Marie Perez, a junior. “It is just nice to be around others who enjoy them as well.”

The Botany club is open to anyone who wants to join; no prior knowledge needed. “I am an accounting major,” Elezi said. To join the club, it is not necessary to have any science specific major; just an interest in plants.

“Anyone who likes plants should join this club,” said Perez. “Even if you haven’t worked with plants before, if you want to learn, you should join.”

The community built within the Botany club is also important. Faulkner speaks positively of his experience with everyone involved. “I have been very happy with the community here,” said Faulkner, “and Silady has been a wonderful advisor.” Professor Rebecca Silady, who has a PhD in Plant Biology, supervises the club and help’s answer members’ questions.

Perez describes the environment of the club positively. “Everyone is so nice and friendly,” said Perez, “We just have a good time and play with dirt.”

Photo credit: Madeline Scharf

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