Snow continues to fall during spring semester

Bernadotte Sufka Opinions & Features Editor

Snow is still falling in February. It has now become a great time to go out and have fun or stay warm inside. It is also a great time to have fun with friends on campus amid busy schoolwork.

“I like to sit in and watch movies, from action-packed to warm and family type movies. I’ll go out in the snow and sometime have a snowball fight with friends or go sledding,” said psychology and marketing major Niah Mesidor, a freshman.

“I like to cook/bake as well, so for fun I’ll make fun and new treats to keep me from the thought of how cold it is,” said Mesidor.

The university’s student community gets creative during these times of snowfall. Although it may get icy outside, students are advised to go outside carefully and slowly. Plows are quick to clean up the walkways and parking lots to ensure a safer and clear area.

“I live on campus, but anytime it snows, I happen to be at home. I just like to look outside as if it’s my first-time seeing snow or watch a horror movie,” said biochemistry major Aleah O’Brady, a sophomore.

“I am not a fan of snow because it always ruins my plans especially the ones I look forward to,” said O’Brady.

So far, Connecticut had 12-plus inches of snow this winter. On-ground classes have already been canceled twice this semester to ensure the safety of students and faculty. The weather is still cold, and the snow continues to pile up on campus throughout the first months.

Many students are still seen outside heading to class and staying warm against the cold. The first month back on campus has been successful despite the icy weather. Activities and college life continue amid the COVID-19 regulations as well.

“When the snow is at least a foot deep, I like to let my dog out so I can watch him dive in and out of it like a dolphin. I find it very fun,” said marketing major Christopher Parker, a freshman.

Outside of classes, most students make use of the snow for self-enjoyment and fun. It is a time to let loose and de-stress about the semester. February is the starting month of this semester and many more snow days may come after.

With campus activities and most classes still online, it makes this semester seem flexible with a delivery of good persevering workflow. Among that, students are met with snowfall and not an expectation of classes being cancelled.

The weather plays a large role within the campus community as it controls a lot of factors. Already, some walkways are still a bit slippery. It is very cold, the cancellation of on-ground classes remains at a high percentage.

Having fun with snow becomes something needed. It is a distraction and something to relieve oneself. Many students have already had their fun on campus and at home, it is an activity to revisit during this time.

The snow has not melted yet and is still everywhere on campus. The start of this semester has brought fun activities and safety guidelines to readdress. This month started out with snow, but it is best to go out and make the most of it.

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