Students celebrate Valentine’s Day with loved ones

Abby EpsteinManaging Editor

Chocolate, flowers, and Hallmark cards are the items many people think of when Feb. 14 comes around; better known as Valentine’s Day.  

“I think it’s nice to be able to dedicate a specific day to show extra appreciation for the people you obviously love and care about,” said; psychology major Lauryn Giuliano, a sophomore. “I think it might not be for everyone, but it’s nice it’s a thing though.” 

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showing significant others how much they are loved and cared for. For some people who do not have a significant other, Feb. 14 is just another normal day.  

“It depends on the year; I mean like you are in it or you’re not it just depends. I think every day you should love yourself and don’t need a holiday for it or other people,” said English major Regina Misercola, a sophomore. “I mean I wait for after Valentine’s Day when all the chocolate is half off and that’s my Valentine’s Day for myself.” 

As Misercola enjoys the discounted chocolate, Biance Troche also enjoys going and buying the discounted chocolate the day after.  

“I like Valentine’s day because it gives me a day to just forget about what’s going on in the world and just focus on me and my partner,” said Troche. “Also, I really like the discounted chocolate the next day.” 

Communications major Zakai James, a sophomore, thinks Valentine’s Day should be a holiday because it tries to bring a loving vibe with colors, messages and traditions. One thing he does not like is the mindset people have when it comes to Valentine’s Day. 

“I enjoy the day, but I dislike the mindset of people that focus on the fact that they won’t have a partner on this specific day, as if there aren’t any other days to find someone,” said James.   

Everyone has different ways of showing their appreciation and love for their significant other. Some people go out to dinner, some enjoy a night in, and some receive chocolates and flowers.  

Biance Troche and her boyfriend are planning on watching movies all day or baking together. Jillian Valeta and her significant other are planning on going out to dinner and then watching movies. One thing Valeta and her significant other always do is buy fake flowers.  

“They [live bouquet] are expensive and a lot of work to keep up if I wanted to preserve them. Fake flowers are inexpensive and last forever just like our love for each other,” said Valeta.  

Sport management major Rocco Veltri, a junior, is in a relationship but still is not a big fan of the holiday, “I don’t like it as a holiday, but she [girlfriend] does, so we are going out,” said Veltri. Veltri and his girlfriend are going out to dinner and then to a hotel to celebrate Valentine’s Day.   

Veltri girlfriend, communication disorders major Madeline Nazario, a junior, enjoys Valentine’s Day because “it’s nice to show love for the person that you love,” said Nazario. She also did not know that the plan was to go out to dinner and then to a hotel.   

Sometimes significant others like to surprise each other and keep the Valentine’s Day plans a mystery but, the big mystery is how Valentine’s Day became a holiday. There are multiple theories that all revolve around a St. Valentine, but the only similarity between the theories is the reoccurring theme that emphasizes that St. Valentine was a very romantic figure.  

No matter how Valentine’s Day came to be a holiday, it is the day of love and affection. While it is mainly associated with couples celebrating their love for each other, the holiday is about showing appreciation to the people you care about even if not in a relationship. 

“There are no Valentine’s Day rules saying you can’t celebrate all types of love for partners, family, friends, etc,” said Valeta. “As long as you celebrate Valentine’s Day safely and respectfully it is an enjoyable holiday of romance.” 

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