Chances of spring sports

Edward RudmanSports Writer

With spring sports seasons steadily approaching in mid-March, the next four to six weeks will have to see an incredible effort from staff and athletes to social distance and follow all of the protocols and guidelines set by the university to ensure these seasons can played out.  

Spring sports have been the most effected by the COVID-19 pandemic up to this point, as their season was suddenly cut short last March when the university closed and sent all on campus residents and athletes home.   

If there’s anyone who should get a chance to play out a competitive season, it’s spring sports.  If the coming weeks of the three-phase plan does not work out as expected and a competitive season is deemed too high a risk and thus cancelled, spring sports will have then essentially missed two seasons.   

It is for this reason that everyone involved in the athletic sphere should do their utmost part in social distancing and slowing the spread of the virus.   

If everyone does their part, I think the university has put forward a well enough thought-out plan that can be successful, but it requires everyone’s attention and effort.   

The way the athletic department has planned out the start of training, with spring sports starting two weeks earlier than out of season teams, speaks to their commitment to doing all they can to be able to have a spring season take place. 

It’s also a plan that, if executed well, will work better than the three-phase system used in the fall, which saw all sports begin training at the same time which, naturally, would make it harder to social distance.   

I think having a spring season this semester is very possible and it can be achieved, for we are in a different atmosphere than when everyone returned to school in the fall.  Vaccines are on the way and administered to the most in need and university testing for the virus has been greatly increased this semester, only making it easier to contain the spread of COVID within the school community.   

But still, these are small parts in being able to have a competitive spring season this year.  If every athlete and staff member fully buy into the plan set forth by the university, then spring sports will have the chance to play out their season. 

Everyone is a link to a chain when it comes to the upcoming month. If one link breaks, the integrity of the entire chain is diminished.   

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